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Selfcare For Your Jaw With Jawzrsize

Some time era around 2012 to 2016, I was very interested in enhancing my jawline and masseter muscles. The masseter muscle is the facial muscle that plays a major role in the chewing of solid foods. Here is a quick image example of where the muscle group is located:

Seven Underrated Travel Destinations You Have To Check Out

Before the Coronavirus outbreak, I had plans to go on vacation in August to Greece. I was SO excited to go to the beautiful, Mediterranean country and bring all of you along for the journey. Unfortunately, plans change and, for my health and safety, the trip had to be canceled.

An Online Thrift Shop Sweater Haul

I feel as though there are some forms of content that are shown better in video form while others are better in written form. With that thought in mind, I decided to make: It’s Probably Rob, YouTube. On that YouTube account I will continue to represent the brand of IPR, but

Macaron Mania With A Hue of Blue

Recently, my girlfriend Maggie has been raving about macarons. Not macaroons, but macarons. Fun Fact: Did you know there is a MAJOR difference between macarons and macaroons? For a short explanation see image below:

Finn Loves Fido Fizzies

As a huge advocate for self care, I am also a big supporter for bath products. One bath product in particularly, bath bombs. I thought to myself, “I wonder if it is safe for animals, such as Finn, to use human bath bombs.” After doing some internet surfing

Say Cheese To My New Content Creator

SO. A lot of you dope readers have been sending me more and more inquiries through comments and emails. I just want to say thank you and I appreciate each and every one of you. I love communicating with all my readers and hearing their comments

Whipped Coffee Food Trend

Recently I have been following a trend on TikTok. The trend happens to be something that rolls right up my alley; Whipped Coffee. At first, I was watching the videos and thought, “wow this looks like something that is really good and ends up with the side effects of a

Constructing An Effective Paid Media Strategy

Welcome to the very first post within the newly added marketing category on I have a strong background in general marketing through educational and professional entities. With my strong passion for the subject, I thought sharing my knowledge with you

Food How To: Make Strawberry Chia Jam

There is something nostalgic about jam. It was, and still can be, a building block of becoming our own people. From being school children and bringing a lunch to school everyday made my by our mothers to slapping some peanut butter and jam on some week old bread after a

Lifestyle How To: Plan a Social Gathering

Throughout my time as a college student, I have planned many events for social gatherings. Some of these events included on-campus gatherings, off-campus parties, and smaller social gatherings that had no affiliation with college students. I will be the first

Saturdays, Spa, and Selfcare

Sometimes, us stressful humans just need to take a load off. We need to take a moment, breathe in, and breathe out. Even us men, there should be no shame in the game of relaxation and pampering. I took the liberty out of my Saturday to find some peace and calm…

I Think I’ll Go To Boston

I am going to be a little bias here. I love Boston. Now, my favor is going to be on Boston’s side due to my upbringing just outside of the beautiful city itself. It is to my understanding that Boston is one of the most underrated cities in America…

Travel Destination: Probably Helsinki, Finland

Well, this is it. We made it! The last leg of my European quarilogy. Make sure to stay in check and read the first three parts of my journey:… Finally, I was treated to a short journey of flying from Prague to Helsinki. The European domestic flight was quick and easy. On June

10 Things I Have Learned Being A Dog Dad

I grew up with dogs all my life. Starting at the puppy stage all the way to smelly, old, and blind. In hindsight, I never owned a dog all by myself. Where my parents were the primary caregivers of the pups, I was always a secondary to the dogs and did not

Happy Easter Sunday

From our family at It’s Probably Rob to yours, Happy Easter! We hope your day is filled with happiness, family, food, and chocolate eggs. NOW, come along to celebrate Finnegan’s very first Easter morning!

Hop Into Easter With Style

In the event we do not get to celebrate Easter this year in the normal way we typically do, I would like to say Happy Eater! In hopes we figure out how to celebrate Easter this year in some way, shape, or form, I thought it would be beneficial to share some tips on what to wear!

Travel Destination: Probably Prague, Czech Republic

Although France and Germany were fun and beautiful, I wouldn’t want you to get stuck there and miss out on the rest of the trip. On a beautiful Wednesday morning, I hopped on a bus in Munich to head to Prague in Czech Republic. I arrived sometime in the late afternoon to the hotel and

How To: Coronacation

Last week was our first full week of COVID-19 social distancing and self quarantine. I cannot stress how boring it was. To my assumption, everyone else is just as bored as I am and starting to go a bit stir-crazy. On another note,

Travel Destination: Probably Munich, Germany

If have not read the first two parts to my European quarilogy, check them out: Destination: Probably Paris, France & Destination: Probably Bonn, Germany. I would HATE for you to miss out on part of the journey! On a beautiful Saturday morning, I took my very first ever high-speed

A Fashion Shopping Haul From Italy

If you read my blog post A European Twist In America, I intended that there are ways to incorporate a twist to your style that has a piece of your own heritage. Since my roots were based in Europe, I encouraged a European twist to my everyday clothing. I used

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