Travel Destination: Probably London

I cannot believe it has already been nearly six months since I have last traveled abroad. Considering I was not blogging during the time I went to London, I am more than happy to share my three week trip with you. A little innuendo: this post is rather long, so

A Man’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

This morning I woke up to a decently sunny room. In bed, I wake my dreary mind to find my four month old puppy, Finn, sleeping next to me. Weird… I put him in the crate last night? Oh, that’s right, my girlfriend had work at 6:15 this morning and must have

The Southern Difference Travel Guide

For the past three years, I have attended university in Conway, SC. I go to Coastal Carolina University and I do enjoy it, however, there are a few major differences from living in a midsize city in Massachusetts and living just outside of Myrtle Beach.