Safely Whiten Your Smile Using SNOW

We all love self care (or we should), especially when it is safe! My birthday was back in June and my mom decided to get me this super special, secretive present that she was implying I might want to write to all of you about… She was right!


If you don’t know what Snow teeth whitening is, it is not going outside and grabbing icy snow from the ground to whiten your teeth. Snow has spent millions of dollars of research to develop products that simply work, every time. Snow invents products that look and work better than anything else tested on the market. One thing I love that snow says is: “for skeptics, by skeptics.” Not Sponsored.

So, what are we doing here today? I love testing products for you guys to make sure you don’t waste your time and money on something that doesn’t work. I’d rather be the one testing and giving you the thumbs up to go ahead and try it for yourself. With that being said, I will be testing Snow out for a period of two weeks with seven different whitening trials; I refuse to whiten my teeth everyday for an entire week. Our goal here is to simply see if it works. Will it whiten my smile? Will it make my teeth hurt or sensitive?

Things to note before this trial:

  • My teeth are already quite white. I have been an avid teeth-whitener for several years now. My go to is Crest White Strips. They make my teeth sensitive to anything cold and it is unenjoyable. Before using Snow, I stopped whitening my teeth for two months.
  • I drink and eat teeth staining foods such as Coffee. I continued to drink coffee and other items that might stain my teeth throughout the experiment. To clarify, I did not change my lifestyle to see if it would work.
  • I brush my teeth regularly. At least twice a day, morning and night, if not more.

Here is the kit that I got:

The kit included the mouth guard LED blue light (with four different ends to meet everyones needs for electronic sources), four whitening sticks (three regular, one gold stick with intensity whitening formula), a how to guide, and a teeth color scale to inform you where your teeth shade is at when you begin and where you are at when you finish. This specific kit is meant to last an approximate 7 months.


I took the best quality photo I could to show where my teeth were at before I started. Based off of the photo, Maggie and I agreed that I was at a 5. Let me know if you disagree!

Disclaimer: There was not photo tampering with this image.

The steps were quite simple

  1. Brush your teeth
  2. Apply whitening stick to teeth
  3. Plug in LED mouthguard and let it sit 10-30 minutes
  4. Rinse mouth with water

I thought that I would follow the instructions, but that I would do the most to get the best result possible. The program recommends you do the kit for 30 days before making any sort of review or decision. I don’t have time for that and I waited so long to use the product. Here is the process that I came up with:

  • Whiten for two weeks every other day (7 sessions)
  • Use the regular whitening stick for 6 sessions and the intensity gold stick on the last session
  • Do session at a maximum of thirty minutes each use
  • Do not change lifestyle, what I eat, or how I maintain my teeth other than using Snow
  • I will stop use if my teeth become sensitive in anyway

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1.00 $

Seven days later, these were my results:

Disclaimer: There was not photo tampering with this image.

In my opinion, I thought my teeth scale went up to a 2 in just seven uses. I took this photo late at night after I had eaten and drank coffee during the day.


Now for a side by side comparison of before and after:


I like the Snow teeth whitening and I would recommend to a friend! For the price of $149, you get 7 months worth of teeth whitening serum that actually works. Results are almost immediate; I started getting compliments within three uses. Another note that I would like to mention, you are supposed to use Snow everyday for thirty days to see your new beautiful white smile. I did it in 7 uses and saw awesome results. Imagine what I could have accomplished if I used it for the full term. To answer my two original questions:

  1. Yes, it works.
  2. No, my teeth did not become sensitive to cold food or drink items.

Although this post is not sponsored, I do recommend it to anyone who wants a whiter smile without all the toxic chemicals that ruin your enamel. The price of getting 7 months worth of Snow as opposed to one professional in-office whitening is extremely competitive. Shop my kit here!


//Probably Rob

This is not promoted or sponsored. All opinions, thoughts, and suggestions are made by It’s Probably Rob.


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