Lush Fall Haul

I have waited way to long to do a Lush haul post. I love lush, all the health/self care benefits, and their values. Although this post is not sponsored (even though I would happily accept a sponsorship from Lush), I just wanted to share Lush’s About page and a little more about their story.


For weeks now Maggie and I have been craving that moment that you walk into a Lush store and immediately receive the beautiful aroma of natural scents and good vibes. Unfortunately, we live in an area that the closest Lush is two hours away. We would have to make a day trip to go to Lush. Thankfully, in 2020 we have the wonderful option of ordering online!

This Lush fall haul, will be just as the title states; a shopping haul from Lush, Fall and Autumn season inspired. That’s right, all the items I purchased are apart of the Fall & Halloween 2020 collection that Lush sells in stores! I am so excited to share this post with you guys — you have no idea!!!


*Side note — If you like this post by the end, please let me know because there is another great holiday season (*cough*Winter/Christmas*cough) coming around the corner that Lush does amazing things with. I just need an excuse to purchase it all! Let’s get started…

In this haul I got 6 Halloween and Fall inspired items and one regular, mystery item that I found to be interesting. They seemed to be very spirited and spooky to speak to the holiday season. I have never tried any of these products before buying them. It was a little strange buying bath products from online without being able to feel and smell them. However, Lush has never let me down. Let’s hope it doesn’t start here!


Ghost in the Dark – Soap Bar

The coolest feature about this soap bar is that it glows in the dark. I wish I got a better picture for you so that I could share how incredible the glow is, but dark rooms are not camera friendly. The bar smells of lemongrass and bergamot, while also leaving your hands and body clean and oil/dirt free.

On first impressions, I was skeptical of the glow in the dark feature, but it actually works… spooky. I thought to myself, “I wonder what they actually put in the soap to make it glow in the dark? Is it safe?” Hours later my skin was still on my body and intact, so I guess it is fine! The soap creates a great lather, however there is a lot of fragrance in the bar which ended up stinging my open wounds and crappy hangnails.

Bat Art – Bath Bomb

This is one of the products I am saving to try. Sometimes you have a long stressful day and need a bath to wind down; That is the day I will actually try it. On first impressions, the bath bomb was the best smelling item out of them all (in my opinion); it smelt of sage and lemon, aka very clean. I also thought the bath bar would be a bit more shinny, too. In the image that I bought from the website, it looks like it would be filled with glitter. That was not the reality when I unboxed my haul.


I know I am probably letting you down by not trying it out right away, but here is why I bought this bath bomb. Look how incredibly cool this is…

Bewitched – Bubble Bar

OK. This product confused me a bit. I thought I ordered this, but ended up with this…


For starters, they are completely different colors. I know it is hard to see, but the one I received was purple, while the one I ordered was black? Also, just the way the product was manufactured does not look like the image. Mine looks very defective. On the other hand, I haven’t used the product yet. As long as it does what it says it does (imaged below), I will be happy! Essentially, the bar is supposed to create a black stew of bubble bath. It wasn’t the most amazing, smelling product I received, but it was still nice!


Toffee Apple – Lip Scrub

I have always been a fan of lip scrubs and lip exfoliation. However, I am not a huge fan of flavored lip products. I thought I would give this one a try since it was the only Halloween lip scrub option; I guess one undesirable option is better than none!

Once I used the product I do have to say that this sugar lip scrub is not overpowering with flavor in terms of how I thought it would. It for sure has flavor, but it is hinted flavors. Also, applying the lip scrub isn’t a long process. You put it on, exfoliate, and then lick or wipe it off. After, you are able to apply the lip product of your choice. I do have to say that the two flavors (toffee & apple, hinted with caramel) really do come together quite nicely.


*Side question — How do you say caramel? (1) car-mel or (2) car-a-mel? Fun fact: there is a correct way to say it! Let me know in the comments below.

If you are like me, it might get a little messy. But, what is fun without making a little mess! I got it all in my teeth and beard, #bummer. Post application, my lips felt smooth and hydrated.


Lord of Misrule – Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is not what it seems. To you and me, it looks like a boring green bath bomb with not much going on. However, wait until it explodes. The bath bomb smells of vanilla. There was an interesting statement Lush made for this product, “And, just like at the Feast of Fools, when the wine starts to flow, the popping candy crackles and the festivities begin…”

Just like the other bath bomb I bought, I have not used it yet. However, look at this selling feature… wow.

Boo! – Shower Slime

Never have I ever bought a shower slime, until now. I am so happy that I did. This iridescent and glittery shower slime is texture to be a sort of exfoliant. It has a base smell of coconut. I really liked the way it looked, smelt, and felt.


Application was super easy and fun. The only thing I have an issue with (and I see a lot of this with Lush products) is that is it so heavily fragranced and colored that it stains everything (temporarily). Using this product also means that you will be forced to wash out the sink or rinse down the shower.

Miles of Smiles – Toothy Tabs

Finally! The mystery product of the day that has nothing to do with Fall or Halloween… Miles of Smiles Toothy Tabs. I have seen this product everywhere, from Facebook ads to Instagram ads, and even on my own blog ads. There is a big company that kills the game with advertising these suckers, Bite Toothpaste Bits. I don’t know how I felt about the random company, but I do trust Lush.

The biggest thing I had to learn to get over is putting the dry salty tablet in my mouth and chewing it before applying the wet toothbrush. Other than that weird texture, these tablets have really grown on me. There is a large base flavor of mint and baking soda; It reminded me or Arm & Hammer toothpaste. I think I will keep using these for two reasons (1) it’s kind of fun and (2) there is little to no waste or plastic tubes of toothpaste.

My experiment was actually very interesting; Most of the products smelt light, airy, and happy. This is not what I expected from a spooky Halloween collection from Lush. I thought there would be more Fall themed flavors like Spicy Cinnamon Apple, for example. I liked all of the smells, but I wish there was a little more Halloween innovation with scents.


Although I did not get to use every single product yet, I was immensely impressed with the items that I got. I liked all of them and was very satisfied with each. Again, please let me know what you thought of this post in the comments and make sure to request to do another Lush haul soon!!!

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