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If you remember, I posted A Shopping Haul From Italy a few months back. NoHow Style has been one of my favorite brands for years. The dream of owning the Italian clothing came true when they started shipping to the United States just a bit over a year ago.

With the continuous issues in the world and the global pandemic, it is nearly impossible to travel anywhere, not to mention over seas. Sad, I know. However, there is a simple solution to all of this. My solution will not fix being able to go on an airplane and absorb the culture of another world, but it is a step in the right direction. So, here it is… my solution sits: shop international brands!


You know me, and you know I love shopping. And, although I don’t have to, I like bringing you guys along for each shopping excursion I go on; Especially ones across the world. In this purchase, I bought a full outfit. The items don’t necessarily match or go together, but I created real world outfits to give you all a good idea of how you might style items like these! Here is what I bought:

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Distressed Mud T-Shirt


This is an oversized, longline t-shirt with long sleeves, a crew neckline, and a front patch pocket. It’s title “mud” sits as a light beige coloring on 100% cotton fabric. It’s simple enough to wear with jeans and trainers or dressed up with black pants and loafers. There is a bit of extra flare in the waist-level, hemmed attachment. I think this shirt is very simplistic and comfy as well as neutral enough to wear with anything!

Ziggy Velour Blazer

A soft-touch black, velour blazer with notch lapels collar, central buttons-fastening, two functional patch pockets, and one pocket at chest. It is perfect for the Spring or Autumn with it’s mid-lightweight fabric. The piece is an item from the NoHow Black Collection “which blends a street urban chic look with high-quality textiles and a hint of unconventional Italian creativity.” There are so many things a man can do with a blazer. Since the model photo on the NoHow website is dressed up, I thought I would dress down; Pictured below in a white t-shirt, blue distressed denim, and black trainers.


Manila Striped Pants

When I go shopping, I keep my readers in mind. I remember that not all of us have the same style. I try to buy items I wouldn’t normally purchase so that I can share with you all the other styles they have to offer. These pants are half me and half not-so in my comfort zone. These relaxed striped patterned pants have diagonal twin pockets and a drawstring waist fastening. The fabric and pattern are something that I love, but the pants have a mid-low crotch which I was not so certain about. In hindsight, I ended up really liking these pants. The only thing I should tell you about is that they have a very tight and unforgiving waist band and calf.


Donatello Linen Loafers

These linen loafers with tone on tone upper tassels have exposed stitching and a leather outsole. The grey on beige composure create an illusion that works with many different outfitting choices. I love these loafers; they are comfortable and hug my narrow foot perfectly. They have an interesting narrow toe point which surprised me; They looked quite rounded in the images. I staged the shoes with both a black-pant outfit as well as the stripped low-crotch pants to show their diversity.

Twin Set Sweatshirt

This is a two-piece twin set of a plain cotton beige long-sleeve and a distressed dusty-rose short sleeve sweatshirt. The sweatshirt has a metal zipper that lays on the left hip. The long-sleeve has slits up the side hems that allow ventilation and a little flare. I am so happy I bought this item for two reasons; (1) I need a little more color in my life and (2) I got two separate items for the price of one. Yes, you can wear them together, but you can also separate them for three totally different looks.


This is the first time in a long time that I have ordered clothing from online and wanted to keep every item. Even the last time I ordered from NoHow I had a defective item and items that just did not workout. Right now, NoHow is having their Labor Day sale, so be sure to check it out; Not Sponsored.

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