For All The Men Out There, Say Hello To Selfcare For Your Balls

Everyone is welcome to this post, but this is for the men. I’m just going to say it, today we are going to be talking about selfcare for your boys.


Just speaking the truth, taking care of your balls is scary. No one in their right mind wants to put something sharp near their boys. The amount of scary things that could happen when putting a trimmer or razor next to your manhood is a horrifying thought.

But, you know me and you know that I love finding new products that are directed towards men, especially when it comes to selfcare and personal hygiene. I found a company called Manscaped. Not Sponsored. In 2016, Manscaped was founded on helping men man-scape their private areas and more with relief and worry-free. In addition to the trimmers for your balls, they make many other products such as nail kits, body wash, and lifestyle items.

Before ordering, I had been using the same trimmer for about three years. It was never great and I was always nervous about using it. This is when I decided I needed a change. I ordered The Perfect Package 3.0. The set included The lawn mower 3.0 trimmer, manscaped boxers, crop preserver ball deodorant, crop reviver ball toner, magic mats, and the shed travel bag. You’re probably thinking WTF and I am thinking this is genius.


The packaging was really nice. Black and gold lettering made the products look really luxe and all the items came laying down in a box container placement. The box included directions and precautions which was nice. Did I mention all the products are sulfate-free, paraben-free, and dye-free. The only thing they included that I was not a huge fan of is fragrance.

Lawn Mower 3.0

The lawn mower 3.0 is a precision engineered electric trimmer featuring Advanced SkinSafe Technology designed for below-the-waist grooming and hygiene. This a pretty powerful handheld buzzer. When I used it, it kind of felt like any other trimmer that I have used in the past. I did knick my balls which was interesting because I thought the point was that I wasn’t supposed to be able to knick them with this trimmer? Eh, maybe it was me.


The trimmer also came with an additional trimmer head (in the case you are trimming your face with it) and a blade brush to clean it.

Manscaped Boxers

These are anti-chafing boxer briefs featuring proprietary micro-fiber blend designed to keep high friction areas cool. My whole thing about the boxers is that I don’t like the fit so I probably won’t wear them. Therefore, I will not be able to fully review them. However, I think that they would be a great product if they did what they say they did (meaning anti-chafe) and if they fit smaller waisted dudes, like me, better. On the other hand, they are very soft.

Crop Preserver

The crop preserver is a uniquely formulated ball deodorant featuring active pH control that helps reduce odor for up to 24 hours. Also has anti-chafing methods.

Crop Reviver

The crop reviver is a refreshing ball toner spray infused with cooling aloe vera. The product is considered perfect for active lifestyles.


Both of these products are awesome. Hands down, some of the best shit I have ever but on my balls. I live in South Carolina and it is hot as a mofo outside. When I tell you I put the preserver and reviver on my groin area and ass, I did not sweat at all. No sw-ass and no moisture in my groin region. Incredible products. The application was easy and the products smelt AMAZING. The toner smelt so good that I may have used it as my cologne when going out.

Just as a little experiment, I put on the preserver and the reviver around 5:30PM. I went out into the South Carolina sun. The application was easy; a little cream and then a little spritz. Went on wet, dried very fast. An hour later I was still not sweaty and I still smelt great. 10/10 product.

Magic Mat

Magic mats are hilarious bathroom readers and easy manscaping clean up mat. The best part is that they are disposable. On more than one occasion, I pulled this newspaper out while having me-time in the bathroom. It is quite humorous and I do enjoy its purpose and functionality.


The Shed

The shed is a water resistant travel bag and acts as the ultimate travel companion or storage bag. As you know, this post is not sponsored. For being such a normal sized travel bag, there is nothing special about it. I do like how the bag is pleather and the idea of keeping everything in one place is good. However, I struggled to get everything in the bag; I tend to be a good packer. Other than the fitting everything into the bag mishap, it’s a pretty decent bag.

I just want to remind you that NONE of this post is sponsored or paid for. I bought these products with my own money and wanted to give you all an honest review. But, do I recommend this brand for men? For sure. I loved most of the products and I think the idea behind the brand is absolutely fantastic!

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I would love to know if any of you have tried this brand or other products like these. Let me know what you think down in the comments below! If you haven’t tried anything like this, it might be something you want to consider. With that being said, thank you Manscaped for saving balls around the world.

//Probably Rob


This is not promoted or sponsored. All opinions, thoughts, and suggestions are made by It’s Probably Rob.

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