How To Generate Pre-Launch Buzz On Social Media

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Are you getting ready to launch your next product? Whether you are a small-business, a huge franchise, or an individual researching, there are steps to take to create buzz on social media for the pre-launch of a new product. Launching with an explosion can make a significant difference to the selling life cycle of any product or service.

Launching a new product can be nerve-wrecking, but also exciting. Remember, the whole purpose of creating a new product is to sell it. Making the product visible to prospective buyers will make it easier to market the product.


If you are in the process of launching a new product, this post is for you! I am sharing 13 tactics and additional tips that will make your product launch worth while.

13 Tips For Pre-Launch Buzz

#1 Research

I cannot stress this enough. Before you market your product, you must have an active plan for your target audience. Take your time and research. Research your customers and your industry. It’s time to think from your consumers point of view; is the content you are presenting going to influence your consumers in their buying decision?


What kind of techniques have worked for others in the same industry? Even if you have a product on the market that is like no other, there is always going to be a similar product that has been marketed in the same industry. What worked for the last product in the industry and how can you make the marketing campaign better for your new product?

Here is some harshness – if you have not done research on your desired target market or industry, it is going to be very hard for your product successful. Target markets respond to each marketing tactic differently and have preferences that lead them to a buying decision. If you use the wrong approach, it could lead to disaster and money burned.

#2 Share Teasers

No matter the type of product you are launching, it is important to get your consumers excited. You can build excitement and mystery through a “teaser” campaign. It is a powerful tool that helps grab the attention of viewers and build anticipation. They offer glimpses of products and information to sever as clues. Here is an example of a teaser advertisement:

In the image example, before the launch of the beauty products we see an empty basket of nothing. The consumer starts putting puzzle pieces together of what the company could be launching. Surprise! A newborn product line in the same basket from the original teaser campaign content.


Another great tactic is to create a countdown. In addition to the excitement, this will also give you a reason to publish reminders about the campaign daily. Creating countdown graphics is simple, easy, and eye catching.


Always remember to keep an element of mystery while hinting at great things to come. But, also be courteous that you are not revealing too much too soon. Build up that buzz baby!

#3 Produce Videos

There are a few different types of videos you can release that will intrigue consumers and keep you on their watch list. Some video types you may want to consider are (1) behind the scenes, (2) educational, and (3) informational. It is important to remember that videos create a bigger impact than written content because of visual presence.

Showing consumers what is going on behind the scenes generates tons of buzz. You can do this through platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Instagram Live, Facebook, or Facebook Live. Again, make sure not to give too much information away. Of course, pay attention to the product, but also pay attention to the human angle; This will create a real relationship with your audience. In saying this, include staff interviews talking about the product and why they are excited.

What happens when customers are not truly informed about what the product does, what it’s made of, how it’s made, and so on? If your audience is not fully aware of the features and benefits of the product, what will they talk about? Consumer’s can only talk about the visual aspects of a product for so long before buzz dies down. Making educational and informational videos will continue the conversation about the products and encourage people to join the conversation. One important point that I would like to make here is to make sure the videos are entertaining and engaging enough so consumers don’t lose interest.


In general, people are more likely to share a video than a form of written or image content. Encourage your consumers to organically spread the word about your company through video.

#4 Create A Branded #HASHTAG

Using a branded hashtag is a super simple way to track the reactions of your product from consumers. It is easily accessible, collected in one place, and includes any piece of content or information you may need. During a product launch, hashtags come in handy because they pool content together. This makes it easy for consumers to learn more about the product or product line.

Remember to make your hashtag unique, easy to remember, and simplistic. Your hashtag should be connected to your business and/or the new product. Avoid long sentences and use words with easy spelling. A great example you might want to learn from is #CatchDrogon campaign for Game of Thrones Season 5 Premiere.:

#5 Strike A Cord

To build buzz, you have to give your customers a reason to engage with the content you are presenting to them. There must be value in each post that you are putting out to your social media platforms. Are you trying to boost conversation or getting them to click over to your website for more information (conversion)?

Once you have a clear understanding with your campaign, remember to encourage the customers. The audience will want to know more about the product; It will need to meet a need of the consumers. Before they buy the product, make sure you make it clear that your product is the solutions to their needs. In other words, promote the product as a problem fixer before the consumer even knows the problem or dilemma they are in.

#6 Hold Contests and Giveaways

We all love winning cool things, especially when they are free! Contests and giveaways are some of the most successful methods to create buzz for a new product pre-launch. In general, contests are fun and people will be more likely to remember your brand. It encourages people to share information about the contest and increases the chances of more people making a submission to it. You can also ask your users to attached and tag family and friends. More times than not, consumers give brands the best ideas for new products; They help with packaging, flavors, scents, colors, patterns, etc. It’s easier to make a new product knowing what people want to buy them then trying to guess. Listen to your consumers!!!

In the example, we see there is a collaborative (two companies working together) contest. To enter the contest, users have to (1) follow a certain account and (2) tag a friend. This will help engage more consumers and bring both companies more business. At the bottom we can see deadlines and extra information about the contest.

Although you don’t have to include it in your content, make sure you have a clear set of information about prizes, rules, and deadlines within or attached to the post. Be sure to use hierarchy to structure all the information you are presenting.

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#7 Run Advertisements

This one might seem obvious, so I am just going to touch on it lightly. Running paid and organic advertisements on social media can leverage buzz around your product to generate leads. All you need to do is post the advertisement of your product through the content you created. You can setup paid advertisements to go to the direct target market you wish to reach. In addition, you can do an organic (or unpaid) post for individuals who already follow and buy from your business.

For more on paid and organic social media marketing and how to implement them in your marketing plans, see links below from my previous postings:

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#8 Find Influencers

Using influencers to promote products is a debatable topic in my opinion. There is no proven method or system for using influencers or brand ambassadors to promote products. Also, if you are going to use influencers, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend to do it for a product launch; I would do it after seeing how your target consumers respond to the product without the influence from big brand named people. You want the actual product to be successful and be of use to your audience. If it turns out that the product isn’t as successful as you imagined, go back to the drawing board.


However, if you are going to use influencers to support your brand, find users who are well-respected in your field and build relationships with them. Due to their popularity, the content they post will be well received among their followers. Essentially, using influencers allows you to tap into the following base of the influencer which encourages your own brand’s growth.

Again, I would recommend testing the waters with using influencers before spending a large lump sum of cash on that marketing tactic. It is a good tactic, but it is a very testable one. Make sure you test methods before putting all your eggs into one basket.

#9 Use Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is not only a way of raising money. It can be much, much more than that! A crowdfunding campaign is a great way to build an army of enthusiastic supports and brand awareness. People can potentially put money into the campaign, which is essentially showing that they have already bought into your product concept.

#10 Invite Only

Let’s talk exclusivity. People love being part of exclusive, special groups. A great way to create tons of buzz is to allow a set group of people to shop your product before it actually launches. Creating an invitation only list or a founder’s list will make people go WILD for the product. A founder’s list is a special group of people who have expressed interest early on. You can provide exclusive updates to them only and share special insider content with them. Can you say brand loyalists?

#11 Take Pre-Orders

Bouncing off of #10, take pre-orders from people who are in need or extreme want of your product. By taking pre-orders you are generating waves of excitement even before the launch. You might have some loyal customers who will instantly grab the product as soon as you launch it, but do not underestimate the significance of pre-orders. Giving them an opportunity to place an order will get them talking about their new items and other products with friends and family. This helps generate more leads!

As long as you have a set price for your products, you can start taking pre-orders from consumers at any time.

#12 Don’t Neglect Calls-To-Action

Just more as a reminder, build calls to actions into your posts. It isn’t enough to just share information about your launch. Let users know what you want them to do to make your launch HUGE. Make content beautiful and appealing to your users. The content should stand out in the massive amounts of posts your users see on their social media main feeds.


Lastly, the tone of your marketing must be engaging to users before, during, and after their purchase. Easy to read and memorable phrases are important so that people will remember and are able to share with their friends through word of mouth. Be direct with what you are selling and what it does.


  1. Develop Consistency Across Social Media Platforms. Keep the look and content similar across each platform.
  2. Post Constantly and at the right times. Keep each of your social media stream postings constant pre and post-launch. Build a place for your users minds and strive to maintain it by not letting them forget you. How do you do this? Constantly engage them.
  3. Jump Into Conversations. After posting, you will begin to see consumers conversing on your social platforms. Be sure that you are engaging and joining the conversation. Address concerns, share more information, or thank them when the time comes. Joining conversations extends beyond the comment sections of your posts. What’s trending on social? Does it relate to your product or industry? What do you have to say about it?

There you have it, 13 tips, some tricks, and tactics for you to generate the most buzz for your newest product launch. Making use of all points in this post are unnecessary; Use the ones that will work best for your campaign. The more attention to detail you have in your pre-launch campaign the better results you will see. Remember, social media takes time and effort; Not everything happens overnight. Most importantly, tell yourself YOU GOT THIS. New products are scary and there is a lot of unknown. In the end, if you have a great brand with great products and loyal customers, it will all be awesome!

//Probably Rob


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