Moving-In Series Part 5: Living Room

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Alright y’all, we are on our very last leg for the moving-in series. There is only one room left to show you and that is the living room. I had certain doubts about the living room for a while. The doubts were created when it took us forever to get our couch to the apartment (I will get into this a bit more later). All and all, the living room is finally completed and we couldn’t be happier.

Just a little note before the beginning of the end, NONE of the moving-in series posts are sponsored or promoted. All of the design decisions and purchases made were solely based off of what Maggie and I wanted. We funded the entirety of furnishing and decorating our home.

Living Room

The living room is the heart of our home. It is the central place in which we all live. It is also the central place of all the design elements for our house. This means that kitchen, balcony, bedroom, and bathroom all get their design inspiration from the living room. Every texture and color is represented: metal, wood, greenery, glass, rock, yellow, green, white, brown, beige, and grey.

Our couch was the first thing we purchased for the apartment. It was one of those things that I saw and I knew it was perfect for us. Ironically, it was the very last item that was put into the house due to transporting it from storage to the apartment. Maggie and I both drive smaller sedans; Not couch-transport friendly.


A lot of the items we purchased for decor, along with the couch, are either stripe or solid patterned. I thought we needed some texture in the living room that was neither stripe or solid. When I found this accent chair I just knew that it would be perfect for the area with its geometric pattern.

DIY alert!!! The coffee table was one of the most heinous looking tables I had ever seen from Goodwill. On the contrary, it was one of the most interesting and I saw so much potential in this $5 accent piece. Originally, the table was rough around the edges, a little broken, and dark brown (almost the coloring of the coaster holder). I painted it white and added the yellow design on top. Maggie and I were so extremely happy with the way it turned out; It became the accent piece that we knew it was always meant to be. The large mirror hung behind the couch was repurposed from my old house and our lovely throw blanket basket is a must.

Again, if you ever want a tutorial on how I did all the DIYs in this post or other posts, please let me know and I would be happy to make a furniture and decor DIY post.

Off the left side of the horizontal mirror, we have a decor accent corner which involves sugar, spice, and all things nice. In other words, there are multiple textures including wood, glass, metal, and greenery.


As for other wall decor, we included floating shelves above the balcony doors, a floor light, and three larger wall decor items above our TV stand area. Of course, we cannot disregard Finnegan’s toy crate! Before moving a lot of the furniture in I was worried that the space would be too small for us. Come to find out, the space is exactly right for what we want and need.

Our lovely, antique TV stand was purchased from a local small business called Peddler’s Place. Originally handmade, the stand works perfectly to store our books, plants, rhino lamp, and TV. The table makes the apartment look a bit more rustic and homey while also serving the purpose and functionality of a TV stand.



Couch: Facebook Marketplace
Chair: Seaboard Bedding and Furniture
Accent Pillows: T.J. Maxx & Target
Throw Blankets: Home Goods
Mirror: Home Goods
Coffee Table: DIY
Coasters: Home Goods
Candles: T.J. Maxx
Coffee Table Tray: Magnolia Home, Target
Cook Books: Abe Books
Throw Blanket Basket: Target
TV Stand: Peddler’s Place
Rhino Lamp: Home Goods
“Massachusetts” Candle: Homesick Candles
Oil Diffusor: T.J. Maxx
Succulents: Home Depot
“Welcome To Our Home” Sign: Target
Compass: Home Goods
“live SIMPLY” Sign: Peddler’s Place
Dog Toy Crate: Michael’s Craft
Floor Lamp: Amazon
Hanging Shelves: Target
Wooden Pineapple: Carolina Pottery
“The Best Journey” Sign: Carolina Pottery
Grass Mats: Michael’s Craft
Hemp Circles: DIY
Doorknob Decor: Sunflower’s Style, Peddler’s Village, PA
Pineapple Candle Top Decor: Home Goods
Willow Clock: Society 6


I have had so much fun making these posts. I really hope you have enjoyed reading them and I hope that you like what Maggie and I did with the apartment. Thank you to all of my readers who came along for the entire journey of my moving-in series. I genuinely appreciate it.

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