Moving-In Series Part 4: Bedroom

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Are you ready to get comfy in bed together? Netflix and chill type of night? Just kidding, between Maggie, Finn, and Me there is not much room. Today we have a very special treat for you! In today’s post, I will be showing you the final looks of our new bedroom! I am genuinely so happy as to how it turned out and I hope you are as well!


The bedroom carries the same feel of our entire apartment. You will see a lot of metal, wood, and rock textures as well as colorings of yellow and green. The bedroom sits more on the minimalistic white and neutral feel. The ideology behind the bedroom was to find comfort and coziness within every corner.


All of our furniture (bed frame, headboard, night stands, and dresser) came from the same furniture store, Seaboard Bedding and Furniture. Buying these items was the easiest and most fun out of all the shopping for our apartment; All thanks to Sam. If you are a Myrtle Beach local, be sure to buy your next bedroom, living room, dining room, etc. for this place. Not Sponsored.

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Of course, I am very picky when it comes to bedding. You can thank my mom for that. Our linen cotton duvet cover and sheets are all by Magnolia Home at Target. Joanna Gaines knew exactly what she was doing when she selected items for the collection. The accent pillows on the bed add contrast with the different levels of brown shading. I threw a splash of green with the throw at the end of the bed. A throw blanket at the end of a bed goes a long way; Especially if you are being lazy and don’t want to make your bed.

I wanted to keep our night stands mess free. Having the option to use a nightstand for a table top to fold laundry in the bedroom or a place for your phone to charge at night is very nice. With permanency, there is a single light on each nightstand which was purchased from Walmart. I refuse to buy a lot of decor at Walmart due to quality, however, these lamps have been around for a couple years and still look brand new.


There will be a couple of cases where you will see world maps in my abode. The bedroom is home to multiple maps. The tapestry hung behind our bed is a neutral and green colored world map which was hung in my old house. Although I am not a huge fan of tapestries, I love this one and it fit perfectly.

Duse collector alert! Yet another DIY, the “sun babe” sign. A while back I made this sign for Maggie; She saw it on Pinterest and felt that she needed the same sign. I had a fun time with the project and she has kept it ever since. Both the Massachusetts state sign and three drawer table were carried over from my old house. Both items and the globe were all Home Goods purchases. All items fit the room well, so they were a solid keep.

I don’t think I will ever remember the name of this style of chair, but Google tells me its called a Papasan. This chair was purchased from Pier 1 last year and Finnegan adores it. Originally, I didn’t want to keep it, but how are you supposed to tell a puppy “no.” The biggest reason I don’t like the chair is because the wood hits the wall and marks it up. To solve this problem I laid some throw blankets on the back and side of the chair to protect the wall. Throw blankets, man.


Above the chair hangs grass mats. These mats add texture and three dimension to the wall. Originally, we wanted to have the entire side of the wall be covered in grass mats to have an accent wall for blogs and pictures. Michaels did not have enough in stock or wear house. So we settled on this design.

The dresser has a lot of repurposed items from our old houses. We added a few extra things including an empty wine bottle. Directly next to the dresser stands a full body mirror which came from Maggie’s old room. On the floor sits a lantern which will later have twinkly lights in it, request of Maggie. Floating shelves and a hanging plant hang to the side of the mirror. Hanging shelves are an absolute bitch to implement into a wall. I highly recommend not doing floating shelves in any room for any reason, ever. Finally, we have a lovely little picture frame of a palm tree reminding ourselves the city in which we call home.



Bed Frame: Seaboard Bedding & Furniture, Myrtle Beach
Bed Headboard: Seaboard Bedding & Furniture, Myrtle Beach
Dresser: Seaboard Bedding & Furniture, Myrtle Beach
Night Stands: Seaboard Bedding & Furniture, Myrtle Beach
Bed Sheets: Magnolia Home, Target
Duvet: Magnolia Home, Target
Accent Pillows: Home Goods
Throw Blankets: Various
Bed Skirts: Amazon
Side Table Lights: Walmart
Coasters: Home Goods
World Tapestry: Society 6
Palm Tree Picture: Home Goods
“Sun Babe” Sign: DIY
Massachusetts Sign: T.J. Maxx
Globe: Home Goods
Picture Frames: Michale’s Craft
Three Drawer Table: Home Goods
Papasan Chair: Pier 1
Grass Mats: Michael’s Craft
Tray: Home Goods
Fan: Home Goods
“live SIMPLY” Sign: Peddler’s Place
Mirror: Home Goods
Lantern: Michael’s Craft
Hanging Plant + Holder: Michael’s Craft
Floating Shelves: Michael’s Craft
Clock: Marks & Spencer, London

The overall goals of the bedroom was (1) to make it look nice, (2) to make it functional, and (3) to make it comfortable. Check, check, and check. Be sure to be on the look out for the last and final part to the moving-in series: Part 5 Living Room. It will be coming up fast!


Shortly after, I will be posting a YouTube video with all of the updated looks that we changed and things we moved around since the creation of the blog posts. The video will be up and posted on Friday, August 14th and can be found on my YouTube page. Be sure to trek over to YouTube, like, and subscribe!

//Probably Rob


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