The Men’s Hair Products You Should Be Using

For a lot of my adult life I had long hair. Well, what I mean when I say long hair is it was about shoulder length and could be put into a bun. I had always heard, mostly from females, “you have no idea the things girls go through with long hair!” But, I have a pretty good idea! I always appreciated my longer hair; there was a lot less upkeep with it. I never had to go to a barber shop and if I did it was about every six months for a trim. I could easily just throw it up into a bun after waking up or taking a shower. It was simply simple.


A little over a year ago, I made the dumb decision to cut off all of my hair. I went from this to that:

After doing this crazy life change, I realized something very quickly; I now have to style my hair everyday. BUMMER. This also meant I would have to wake up earlier, wet my hair, dry my hair, buy styling products, figure out how to use them, and so on. Throughout the time of having shorter hair I have gone through phases of different style and styling techniques. And let me tell you I have narrowed them down, but I am still exploring!


I thought, why not share the products that I use on a daily basis, how to use them and potentially help out some men (and women and everyone in between) that have no idea what they are doing with their hair!

Do you ever wake up in the morning and just think to yourself: “I am going to have a great hair day, I am going to try to look good, and I am going to get so many compliments.”

You think you are going to look like this ->

<- But, end up looking like this


Well, you are on a similar boat with everyone who has ever been a human being ever. Yes, even me too! Who would’ve thought?! The meat of this post will be directed towards men, but who says you can’t help them, right? I will also be linking all of the products I talk about in case you are interested in purchasing.

Hair is a very broad topic, don’t you think? We have hair all over our bodies. But, the hair products we will be talking about is the hair on our head. And I mean the head on your shoulders, not the one in your pants. Also, side note: if you have hair on the head in your pants you might want to talk to a doctor about that.


The three main hair groups of hair on our heads that we will be talking about today are eyebrow, facial, and scalp.


The interesting thing about men’s eyebrows is that they are normally disregarded by many. They are also one of the most easy things to maintain on a face. There are several ways to upkeep your brows; The easiest is getting the waxed or threaded. The stereotypical man is too “proud” to go to an aesthetician and get their brows done. Therefore, I thought showing how simple it is here would push you in the right direction.


Typically, you can buy a eyebrow kit which will include all the necessities for keeping busy brows tamed. This makes shopping easy and usage even easier. In a regular set you will find items such as brow comb, scissors, and tweezers. These sets are pretty inexpensive, so breaking the bank is not a good excuse! Here is a great set that Amazon carries: shop here.

If you want to be extra, you can buy a styling cream. This will help tame bushy eyebrows, especially for when you don’t have the time or patience to do them. I don’t own or use styling cream, however, it is great option.


An important thing to remember is that you do not have to go over board with your eyebrows! Minimally cleaning them up, or even just separating them so you don’t appear to have a unibrow, will go a long way. Your eyebrows are brothers, not identical twins; Let them each be their own separate persons!


For the face section of this post, I am going to let you know that there are two items that there should be no ifs, ands, or buts about: (1) a trimmer and (2) a razor. If you have a full beard that grows with the blinking of your eyes or if you have baby stubble that takes 12 months to grow a millimeter, you should have both of these tools. Personally, I have favorites for both of these products: for trimmer and for razor.

For me, a shower mirror is a necessity. Shaving in the shower is particularly good for men who suffer from razor burn and irritation. It keeps the skin supple and wet, and helps to prevent nicks and cuts as the blade glides against the hair. Think of the hot water as a hot towel at the barber shop. It makes the hairs stand up and erected for a smooth, full shave. The Honeybull Shower Mirror is by far my favorite; It swivel suctions to the wall, is fogless, and has a razor holder.


Please tell me you wash your facial hair, and please tell me that you do not use your face wash for it?! Personally, I don’t always have super long facial hair. When I do, I don’t always use beard shampoo, but I do use hair shampoo. I really do love the beard shampoo that I have. I use the ProGo Beard Shampoo & Wash. It is infused with all natural ingredients including aloe, caffeine, biotin, and eucalyptus oil. The wash stimulates hair follicles for growth, thicken & strengthens hair, deeply cleans, and moisturizes skin.

When it comes to styling I recommend three different items: (1) beard brush, (2) beard oil, and (3) beard styling wax. You should brush through you beard just like you would the hair on the top of your head. It will help it appear less shaggy and distribute your natural oils evenly. Hunter Jack is a good beard brush and includes an additional comb.

As for beard oil and beard wax, I live by the brand Honest Amish. They both have amazing scent and are made out natural and simple ingredients; avocado oil, virgin pumpkin seed oil, moringa oil, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, golden jojoba oil, virgin argan oil, and kukui oil. I have been using these as my primary beard styling products for three years now. The oil keeps the hair hydrated, while the wax keeps each hair in place.

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I think that it is obviously that you need shampoo and/or conditioner for your hair. But, there is a question to be asked: What is in the shampoo and conditioner that you are using? There are five main toxic ingredients in a lot of hair cleaning items that you should stray away from: sulfates, parabens, fragrance, triclosan, and polyethylene. If you want explanations on why you should stay away from these, see this great article from EcoWatch.

Right now I am in-between shampoo and conditioner. This might sound a little crazy, but I really like OGX. They are sulfate-free and have a handful of options to chose from to speak to your hair needs.


You should always keep a hair brush and comb handy; This will be a necessity for when you are styling your hair. In addition, a blow dryer helps train hair when being styled. I prefer my Revlon 1875. It is pretty inexpensive, around $23, and has a smoothing concentrator which makes styling easy. Of course, the more expensive the hair dryer the better job it is going to do, but any hair dryer will make do.

If you are someone who has shorter hair that should be styled, I have found the perfect hair styling putty: Harry’s Texturing Putty. It is a bit more pricey compared to other styling creams, however, quality over everything. I have thick curly hair that doesn’t agree with many products. But, this texturing putty tells my hair what to do and makes my hair it’s bitch (in a good way). It took me so long to find a pomade/ styling putty that works well for my hair and I am very happy that I found it. Some days, such as rainy days, will still be difficult to keep my hair the way I like it. I would have you consider keeping a setting spray (or hairspray) handy in precaution of this type of day. I highly recommend a very basic spray such as TRESemme.

I hope this post helped clarify how to treat the hair above your shoulders a bit more appropriately. The things I have learned about my hair and selfcare have taken years. So, if you are shocked that you haven’t hopped on all of these bandwagons don’t sweat! You’ll get there eventually. Take it day by day and product by product.

//Probably Rob

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