Moving-In Series Part 3: Kitchen

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The kitchen is tied (with the bedroom) for first place in being my favorite room in the apartment. The kitchen has always been a special place to me considering I love to bake. It was important that I had a good kitchen with a decent amount of space so that I could cook at least two things at once. If you couldn’t figure it out, in today’s post we will be exploring the look-book of my new and improved kitchen!


You are also getting a special surprise with a small look at our washer and dryer closet in this post. There wasn’t a lot of room to do much in the closet, however, we did try to spice things up with it. This post will also include the first couple of many DIY projects done for our new home.


Back to my spoiler alerts!!! I wanted the kitchen to flow well with the living room (which you will see in the next couple of weeks) in terms of furniture, colors, and textures. Coming into the front hall of our apartment, I hung a key rack for Maggie, Finn, and Me; This way we will never lose our keys or leashes. The key rack is the first DIY in this post! Across from the keys you will find the “puppy patch,” home of Finn’s food bowl. Above the puppy patch hangs a white board for the utmost important reminders. And, of course, we cannot forget the treat jar on the counter!

Moving towards the physical kitchen, on the front counter tops sit placemats and three stools. I picked up the placemats with the cream colored fringe at Pier 1 during their closing sale. The plates are repurposed from my last abode, but the napkins, which you will see again later, are from Carolina Pottery. Bringing a quick focus to these beautiful bar stools; These are another DIY project that I did. Originally, the legs of the stools were bright red and had an American flag upholstered fabric on top. I sanded the wood down repainted them white with satin spray paint, bought new thick fabric, and created a button hole. Ten hours later we had these beauties!

On top of the counter top we have our first splash of color; yellow! This was a really easy color for Maggie and me to decide on for the kitchen. Yellow brings warmth to the hard metal and solid wood textures. Most of the decor was purchased at T.J. Maxx, Target, Homegoods, or Carolina Pottery. The idea was to have a lot of white to make the space feel larger than it actually is.


Throughout the rest of this series you will see the unprecedented theme of pineapples. There is no real reason or design need for the pineapples. It just so happened that when we unpackaged all of the stuff we had been buying throughout the past two and a half months there was a lot of pineapple design items We kept it because we liked it, however, not intentional.

One of the major things Maggie requested was to have apron’s for when we cook and, more importantly, for when I do food blogs. I thought it was a great idea; I bought two matching aprons and a hang for them. And what do you you know… Pineapple cast iron hang…


Dish Towels: Carolina Pottery / T.J. Maxx
Tea Kettle: T.J. Maxx
Pineapple Spoon Plate: Carolina Pottery
Salt & Pepper Shakers: Target
Butter Dish: Target
Knife Block: Target
Espresson Press: T.J. Maxx
“But First Coffee” Sign: Peddler’s Place
Flour, Sugar, Coffee Jars: Target
Coffee Mug Rack: Marshall’s
Keurig: Target
Apron’s & Apron Holder: Carolina Pottery
Key Wall Holder: DIY
Dog Bowl & Mat: Home Goods
White Board: Target
Utensil Holder: T.J. Maxx
Paper Towel Holder: Target
Oil & Vinegar Dispensers: T.J. Maxx
Rolling Pin: T.J. Maxx
Dog Treat Jar: T.J. Maxx
Soap Dispenser: T.J. Maxx
Placemats: Pier 1
Dishes: Target
Bar Stools: DIY
“Finnegan” Sign: Carolina Brown


Laundry Room

Like perviously mentioned, the laundry “room” is more of a laundry closet. It is a good size for just Maggie and me. We wanted to do something more with it to make the closet feel like a part of the rest of the apartment. Maggie came across a pin on Pinterest for making a mason jar lemonade dispenser into a detergent dispenser.


Detergent Jar: T.J. Maxx

Now that I have seen the entire apartment decorated and lived in, the kitchen is by far my favorite rooms. I am so happy with the way it turned out with the little amount of planning that went into it. If you would like any instruction on the two DIYs I did in this part three of the series, please connect with me through my contact page!


Also, be sure to stay on top of my YouTube page & YouTube channel. The YouTube page is a direct link between the videos I create on while the YouTube channel is the extension of this dapper blog. I will be making a video soon that involves a full home tour! Stay posted.

//Probably Rob

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  1. Nice job. It looks beautiful kiddo! Go online and listen to this song: Prayer for Home Fernando Ortega. It’s my wish for you and Maggie.

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