Remember Travel While Wearing Custom Cuff

Have you ever been on that vacation with your family, friends, or lover. Was it the closest thing you could find to be magical? Do you have a certain place in time that is simply just very special to you? Well, if you know the feeling that I am talking about then this is the post for you.


As many of you know, travel is a big part of my life. I love it, it usually loves me, we get along. Lately, I have been feeling downhearted with the strict restrictions that the CDC has placed on air travel, and other forms of travel for that matter.

I guess I will just cut to the chase! Alrighty, I did it again. I found a company I find truly inspirational and serendipitous. The products this one company makes are so simple, yet could make a special trip memorable for a lifetime.

The company is called Customcuff. I have taken an ambassadorship with this company for a handful of reasons:

  1. The products relate to travel
  2. The products relate to my personal style
  3. Each item can make a vacation, trip, or special location memorable forever
  4. The story behind the company is truly inspirational and spontaneous
  5. For being such a small company they have branded themselves in a way to reach over 100,000+ customers in the first two years of business. For those you who are not business savvy, 100,000+ customers in the first two years of a business created on a whim is very impressive.

Before I continue, I want to let you guys know that Customcuff has given me a discount code for all of my readers and social media followers that have unlimited uses! At checkout be sure to use code PROBABLYROB for an additional 10% off your purchase. The jewelry is quite inexpensive for a premium quality.


For a background of how the CEOs came up with the company, here is a short story:

In 2018, Simon and Theo, CEOs, both felt like college wasn’t the right thing for them. After a couple weeks of consideration, they both dropped out and went traveling with hope that something would come out of it. They decided to take a trip to Bali with the money they had saved up from working weekend jobs. While in Bali they came across a little booth on the beach. A balinese artisan, named Putu, whose simple silver jewelry captured their attention instantly. Simon and Theo bought a couple silver cuffs and didn’t think much more of it.

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A couple days later they got the idea to engrave the coordinates of Bali on the silver cuffs. It seemed like a great way to keep the memories of Bali close, and always be reminded of the good times. Simon found a stone and scratched the coordinates of Bali on the cuff, and so Customcuff® was born. 

Greatly inspired by the idea of remembering moments and places in such a unique and meaningful way, Simon And Theo purchased 100 cuffs and went home to pursue this new idea for a meaningful brand. Soon after, with all the positive feedback, they decided to create an instagram and a website to make their custom cuffs available to people around the world. Everyone on Instagram quickly fell in love with the idea and orders slowly started coming in.


As you can tell, the company creation was extremely serendipitous and they have expanded their product lines immensely. For my first order, I selected two custom cuffs in gold and silver with the coordinates of the city I met Maggie. I got a gold cuff for myself while I got the silver cuff for her. The company sent an additional gift to go along with both cuffs. The package delivered within the week:


Maggie and I absolutely loved the bracelets; They were very special to us as a couple. The product is very durable and comfortable to wear as well as they match everything.

Customcuffs are a great product, especially if you are buying for a gift. If you aren’t into wearing bracelets, there are other products that you can purchase, such as necklaces:


Again, if you are interested in purchasing these beautiful and special keepsakes, you are more than welcome to use my code PROBABLYROB for an additional 10% off!

//Probably Rob

3 thoughts on “Remember Travel While Wearing Custom Cuff

    1. Hello Eromonsele! I don’t know Simon and Theo personally, however, I don’t believe they went back to school. It is to my understanding that they took this business and ran with it. They saw an amazing business idea and it got really successful.


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