Moving-In Series Part 2: Bathroom & Balcony

If you are a little confused what this is a part two to, please check out my latest post Moving-In Series Part 1: Introduction to catch up on my latest project.

Welcome to the first true part of the moving-in series. In this post, we will explore the design and creative analysis of my new bathroom and balcony. An important note is that for the entire apartment is themed to be light, airy, and neutral with pops of yellow and green.


You might be wondering why I paired together the bathroom and the balcony; They aren’t necessarily similar by any means; One room you clean yourself and take care of your business, while the other is the closest thing to nature you will have in your home. Something they do have in common is that they are the two most relaxing areas of the home. On top of it, they are also the two smallest rooms in my home. Therefore, they got paired together.


As you know, travel is very important and enjoyable to me. In my last bathroom, I had several items that were very worldly which got carried over to the new one. I wanted to keep a strong theme of making the items in the bathroom have a feel of different corners of the world that I had been to before.

On the sink I have a collection of glass Apothecary items and decorative towels that have French palace vibes, the tri-fish decor from the street market in Finland, and the world cork board. The cork board allows you to pin the places in the world that you have been to. The gold pin is a place we like to call home.

We have a metal trashcan and metal french styled toilet bowl brush. I didn’t want to go super hard-o European on the bathroom, so we incorporated a shower curtain from the Magnolia collection by Joanna Gaines as well as the canvas of Finnegan. I thought we needed some division of metals in the bathroom, therefore I thought a nice bamboo floor mat would be the perfect wooden item to separate the hard, cold metal.



Shower Curtain: Target – Magnolia Home Collection
Shower Mat: Gobam
Accent Towels: Hotel Balfour
World Cork Board: Target
Tri-Fish Decor: Helsinki Street Market
Toilet Brush: T.J. Maxx
Garbage Can: T.J. Maxx
Sink Accents: Home Goods
Sink Mirror: T.J. Maxx
Canvas: Canvas Discount

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The great thing about living in South Carolina, is that it is always a good season to sit outside. We practically have summer for six months out of the year and spring for about three to four. Of course, there is about two months of chilly and undesirable weather, but nothing to complain about. With that being said, it was very important to Maggie and I that we would have a comfortable and relaxing outdoor area.

For the balcony, we wanted to carry the theme that was inside to the outdoors. I wanted to see a lot of natural woods, greenery, and a pop of yellow *spoiler alert for the living room*. I also did not have too much interest buying all brand new items from furniture stores.

After searching for a while, Maggie found the most perfect outdoor seating set for an unbeatable price of $75! They were the perfect size for the area and matched the theme to a T. Believe it or not, the lantern on the table came with the set which meant I had a perfect storage for the coasters. I replaced the cushions and pillow backs. The rug that sits on the ground pulls together all the items from the sitting set.


The other items that surround the sitting set were all purchased from Michales crafts. I thought it would be nice to throw a bit of green out there. The reason for this is because we live on one of the top floors of the apartment building and we are far away from grass and trees. Adding the imposter greens made us feel a bit closer to nature even though it wasn’t right outside of our front door.



Patio Furniture: Hand Made Woodwork
Cushions: Pier 1
Pillows: T.J. Maxx
Rug: T.J. Maxx
Candle: Home Goods
Coasters: Home Goods
Imposter Greens: Michale’s Craft Stores
Hanging Pots: Michale’s Craft Stores
Ceramic Rain Boots: Michale’s Craft Stores


Of course, not everything goes as planned. The balcony was a lot more complicated then I had anticipated. Originally, I wanted to have the plants, currently hanging on the railings, hanging from the beams above. Without a ladder or allowance by the complex to do so, Maggie and I decided to tie them with twine to the railings. We also like the look of this, but I would have loved to see them on the ceiling. In addition, the cushions we purchased for the chairs got immediately destroyed during the first rainfall. Although they are outdoor cushions, they are not rust proof. They got stained from the metal nails above on the wooden beams. If you have any advice on where to get actual weather-proof cushions I am all ears!

I am really excited with the way everything turned out in the first two rooms of the new place. Going forward, we are going to be incorporating a lot more color and less muted tones! Stay tuned for part three. Last note: can I just tell you how lucky I am for these two…

//Probably Rob

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