Selfcare For Your Jaw With Jawzrsize

Some time era around 2012 to 2016, I was very interested in enhancing my jawline and masseter muscles. The masseter muscle is the facial muscle that plays a major role in the chewing of solid foods. Here is a quick image example of where the muscle group is located:

I was so interested in growing this muscle that I ended up looking up ways on how to do it. For months I would do exercises that would essentially make the jawline more defined and stronger. Of course, it worked. Just like any muscle in your body, if you work it out and are consistent, you will see results.

After a while, I started to have pains in my left jaw area that then rode up to my ear cavity. It almost felt like I had an earache ALL THE TIME. After going to the doctors, I found out that I had a temporomandibular joint issue, or what is commonly referred to as TMJ. Oftentimes, this happens because of a jaw injury, inflammation such as with arthritis, or overuse of the jaw. TMJ disorders may cause mild to debilitating symptoms, such as pain while chewing or ear pains.

With the massive amount of pain my face and head were in, I had officially stopped exercising my jaw in hopes that my TMJ would heal. It never did, but it did get better over time. Now that you have the back story, I wanted to bring you a long on a fun little experiment that Facebook got me into.

One random day about two months ago, I came across an advertisement on Facebook; click bait I know! It was a company called Jawzrsize. The advertisement read “define your jaw in 30 days.” Jawzrsize is is designed to work out the full range of motion of your bite, giving you a stronger & leaner look. There are options to choose 20-50 pounds of resistance. The product includes an innovative piece of equipment that can supposedly chisel and sculpt your jawline for your “best look ever.”

Sounds pretty nice right? Since it was the only product on the market of it’s kind, I went ahead and bought a set of these jaw-workout products to put them to the test. Here is a link to the pack that I bought, the Jawzrsize Master Pack. Here is everything that came inside the pack:

What you do is put this mechanism between your front teeth and bite down on it. This is supposed to work out the masseter muscles in your jaw which will result in a more defined jawline look. You are given a workout plan and you are supposed to follow it. The workout plan goes as followed:

  • Week 1
    • Start with Level 1 (Blue) perform 3-4 sets of 15-30 reps. Little by little adding more. If sore take a rest day.
  • Week 2
    • Adjust ADD or SUBTRACT the number of sets according to athletic ability or personal preference.
  • Week 3+
    • ADD various sets with middle and upper-level Jawzrsizes according to personal preference.

In doing this experiment I wanted to answer two of questions:

  1. Will it enhance my jawline? (The obvious question for most)
  2. Will it increase the pain of my TMJ again? (The obvious question for me)

I will also be making a YouTube video to share the entire experience of doing the Jawzrsize workouts, which I will link HERE. The video comes out of Friday, June 26th at 9:00AM. If you like the videos on my YouTube go ahead and gives them a like and if you want to see more videos like it, go ahead and subscribe!

Here are my low-quality, before pictures of my jawline pre-Jawzrsize:

I originally tried to follow the workout plan given to me by the brand. However, after two days I found the exercise too easy; I don’t know if it was because of my past and working out my jaw on a regular or just that the exercise is for someone who has a really weak jaw. Anyways, I changed the workout plan! I decided that my regular workout plan for the rest of the time would be: 5 sets of 1 minute reps per day. One minute reps equal somewhere near 75 to 95 bites.

Since the program ran for 30 days and I had three different intensity levels, I decided that I would do each of the intensities for ten days each.

  • Beginner Blue (20 lbs) for days 1-10
  • Intermediate Pink (30 lbs) for days 11-20
  • Advanced Green (50 lbs) for days 21-30

After thirty days, here is what my jaw looked like:

Just for a quick comparison, here are the right and left sides of my face from before and after side by side:

So, I know it is hard to tell with my facial hair, but I do think my jaw did get a bit more defined and wider from a frontward appearance (SORRY I FORGOT TO PHOTOGRAPH). Call me delusional, but I definitely think that it worked. In regards to my two initial qestions; I do think that the Jawzrsize works in terms of strengthening and growing my masseter muscles. Also, surprisingly, I have had less pain in terms of my TMJ. Since I had been using the Jawzrsize, I have had next to no pain in my jaw! I am not saying that it would be the same for everyone, but for me it there is no pain. I would actually like to see the company do a trial to see if it helps people with TMJ; Now that would be pretty cool.

I want to note, just like any workout and muscle growth, you have to continue to be consistent with the workouts if you want to keep the shape of your jaw and keep growing it. For now, I have cut back with the amount I use the product, but I do use it while I shower everyday. I plan to continue to use it even though the initial experiment is over.

I would really like to hear what you think about my results and if you have a different opinion in regards to them. I would love to hear if you have or will do a similar experiment like I did!

//Probably Rob

This is not promoted or sponsored. All opinions, thoughts, and suggestions are made by It’s Probably Rob.

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