An Online Thrift Shop Sweater Haul

Good morning IPR readers! Today, I have an exciting announcement and blog post to share with you! Recently, I have been watching new YouTubers (I know right; I am a blogger, WHY AM I WATCHING YOUTUBE VIDEOS AND NOT READING BLOGS). A bunch of YouTubers have been doing clothing hauls; My literal favorite thing to do. One YouTuber in specific did a online thrift shop clothing haul.

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The idea of doing a haul that involves reduce, reuse, and recycle sounds like a perfect match for me! It actually took me a while to find an online thrift shop in general, not to mention one that sells men’s clothing. At last, I came across Swap (unsponsored).

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Swap is an online consignment store offering used baby, kid’s, maternity, men’s and women’s apparel and accessories. The company operates out of the Chicago suburb of Bolingbrook, Illinois. While I was shopping there was only one thing on my mind… sweaters. WHY THE HELL WAS I THINKING OF SWEATERS. It is early June, sweltering heat outside, and not even close to a season that one would wear sweaters in. It just so happened that Autumn was on my mind and I wanted some sweaters.

Before I knew it, I had 68 items in my cart. If you don’t already know, I am moving soon and I have no reason (or the funds) for 68 new pieces of clothing to be in my possession. Packing up boxes of things I already own and adding another 68 things to it sounded like a nightmare. I narrowed my cart down to 13 items of sweaters and jackets.


Throughout this blog post I will be sharing each item with you and give a rating out of one through five; Five being the best. I will base the rating off of the following five items:

  1. If the item arrived
  2. Looks like the online listing
  3. No apparent stains or damage
  4. Scent & feel of item
  5. How it fits my body

I will tell you that each item I ordered did arrive and each item looked like the original listing on Swap. This means that each article of clothing got an automatic rating of 2 before I even began. On May 10th, I placed the order and immediately got a confirmation of sale email. The email confirmed that I should have my package within a maximum of 10 days. The package came within a week!

Without any further frustrations, here is the selected lucky thirteen items!

Upon arrival, I noticed the cardboard box was quite large and heavy. It was sealed properly on the outside, but what is on the inside? Inside the box contained each item separately tucked away in a plastic outer shell. The plastic bags the items were placed in protected each garment from the world’s natural elements and shipping.

Euro Joy Sweatshirt

Swap Listing

When I saw this item’s listing I knew it was a perfect match. To be honest, I think this sweatshirt is the main reason why I got drawn in to the rest of the items I purchased. This item is made by Euro Joy. Now, I tried to look up the company due to me being so in awe of the item, but I had no luck finding it. This lead me to a few different trains of thought: (1) the shop went out of business, (2) it is still in business, but very small, or (3) the company is very old and items are now considered vintage. There are no other Euro Joy items on the market other than one mens jacket which I found on beloved Poshmark. The item was over $200; This makes me think that train of thought #3 is the probable one and I got a DEAL on this item.


The sweatshirt had no stains or damage. It also had next to no odor and felt extremely soft. The hems of each sleeve, waistline, and collar had a thick brown stitch to it. This was also the main reason I fell in love with it. I was able to synch the collar to make a sort of a mock neck. The fit was very perfect for the comfy sweatshirt it is.


Final Rating: 5/5

Puritan Henley Sweater

Swap Listing

As soon as this Puritan Henley came out of the packaging I received the gift of non-pleasant odor. There was nothing extremely special about this purchase which meant the scent of the garment made me care less for it.


The fabric was itchy on the outside, however, there was no damage. As for the material on the inside, the fabric was soft and fleece. The fit was quite ordinary; I was unsure if I didn’t like the fit because of the way the material felt on my body or if it just wasn’t anything special. I took away a point in ratings do to its odor and outward fabric.

Final Rating: 4/5

Tommy Bahama Reversible Sweatshirt

Swap Listing

I am an avid shopper at Tommy Bahama. My wardrobe already has a decent sized collection of items from the company. One special thing that Tommy does, is they make a lot of their sweatshirt and quarter zips reversible. So, you buy one garment which has two completely different looks to them. Of course, I already own a few of these types of Tommy items, however, I was curious to see this second hand one.

To my knowledge, Tommy Bahama items typically wear well; This was the same case for this item. There was no stains or damage and it felt soft and smelled decent. It looked like the previous owner didn’t know this item was reversible because it still had the removable tags attached. Or, maybe they did know and just kept the tags on! The sweatshirt fit comfortably and was a little oversized. There was no reason to take away a rating, so…

Final Rating: 5/5

Falls Creek Henley Sweater

Swap Listing

I bought this item on a whim. I don’t really care for henley’s, but I really appreciated the coloring and texture of this shirt. It had a herringbone looking stitch. The material of this garment was so incredibly soft. This surprised me because it looked like it would be a tad itchy upon arrival based off of the listing.


With my pleasant surprise of the soft material, it fit great and had no damages. The only thing that I saw was a tiny pull on the back neck line. I fixed it by poking a needle back through the pull and it looked brand new.


Final Rating: 5/5

Walls Two Tone Jacket

Swap Listing

This jacket would never normally be my style. On the other hand, it is my dad’s style. I remember growing up my father would go to his karate teaching sessions (because he is a level 8 black belt) and he would wear this style jacket all the time. With that in mind, I wanted to try one out myself.

What a mistake I made! This jacket I purchased in a small. When I say small, I think it might have been a children’s small. This jacket was tight and not functional, as well as too short for my torso. Before putting it on my body the jacket looked good in the listing: nice neutral colors, new with tags, and windbreaker material. Once I put it on I felt like the arms coloring of the jacket were so solid and different from the body coloring, I didn’t even know that my arms were still connected! I took away rating points due to it not meeting the expectations of the listing and the fit on the item.

Final Rating: 3/5

Orvis Sweatshirt

Swap Listing

I like Orvis. I am not an avid shopper, but I do like it. As you can see in the listing, there is a mysterious flap across the quarter zip zipper. I thought the button flap was a nice feature which is the reason I bought it. Once the item got to me I found out that there was this textured hem alongside the zipper. THIS WAS THE MOST PLEASANT SURPRISE.

I was so utterly impressed with this item and it checked all of the rating boxes. The extra, special feature gave it bonus points! Can I give it six stars?


Final Rating: 5(+1)/5

H&M Mock Neck Sweater

Swap Listing

This sweater I purchased thinking it was a mens sweater. As you can see, on the front of the sweater there are two different directions of the for the sweaters strands. On one side the strands go vertical, while on the other side they go horizontal. Although the pattern of the sweater was the biggest selling and buying feature, the mock neck collar was the next best feature.

Once this sweater came in, it was apparent that the sweater had been improperly cared for. It was tethered and ratty. I also noticed that it had hanger straps; This could only mean one thing, it is a women’s sweater that was marked as a men’s item. The waist line sat high on the hips and low on the buttocks. For being a women’s sweater, I did not hate the fit of it on me; It just wasn’t the best. Oh, and it was itchy.

Final Rating: 2/5

Marc Anthony V-Neck Sweater

Swap Listing

The biggest selling feature for this sweater was the material; cotton-cashmere. I had no real high hopes for this sweater. The reason I bought it, aside from the material, was its unbelievable pricing. To my utter surprise, this sweater was one of the best fitting items all day. It smelt nice, looked nice, and felt nice. This item almost became a part of my top 5 favorite picks, but unfortunately came in 6th place.

Final Rating: 5/5

Banana Republic Sweater

Swap Listing

Not to my surprise, I really liked this sweater. If you know me, you know I love Banana Republic. This sweater was right up my alley in brand, color, and style. One of my favorite features was the horizontal broken stripes going across the garment through the chest area and tummy area (shown in third image below).

Final Rating: 5/5

Haggar Basket Weave Sweater

Swap Listing

I really wanted to get this sweater to see what the pattern and texture were. I thought the item looked to be older, and I was right. The second I put it on it was way oversized and did not meet my expectations for the pattern. It did look like the listing, however it just did not meet my expectations. The pattern turned out to look like basket weave, which was cool.


I don’t think that it was the fault of Swap that I didn’t like the sweater. At the end of the day this haul was to review second hand items, not to judge the company. I did have to take away a point in rating due to the size and fit of the item.

Final Rating:4/5

Banana Republic Quarter Zip

Swap Listing

As I was about the check out, I was removing items from my cart that I didn’t have interest in; This was one of those items. However, as soon as I was about to click the remove button Swap sent me a screen notification that the items price dropped from $6 to $1.99. Since the item was so extremely inexpensive, I obliged. $2 for a Banana quarter zip was unbeatable.

I tried on the item and it was a little short for my body, but fit nice everywhere else. I didn’t love the logo on the left breast, but that isn’t a deal breaker for me. With the fit being a tad to small and short, I reflected it in the rating.

Final Rating: 4/5

L.L. Bean Wind Breaker Jacket

Swap Listing

I was so pleasantly surprised with this windbreaker. It was such a nice material and color that I instantly was in awe. I ended up wearing it the day it came out of the box and as soon as I washed it. This is a great layering piece and has features all around the jacket. Some features include a zipper on the collar that hides and releases a hood, synched waist string, and synched wrists.


Final Rating: 5/5

Ashworth Sweater

Swap Listing

For first sights, this item was ugly and I took a big leap buying it. Once I tried it on, the item was so comfortable and pleasing. I will be honest and say that it ended up being one of my favorite items. This will be more for lounging and cold fall days where you need more layering.

The waist synch was missing the mechanism that keeps the waist tight. In order to use the syncher, you would have to tie a string around it. Because of this, I had to reflect it in the rating and it would have been nice to know before purchasing it. Of course, this isn’t a deal breaker for me and I still do really like the jacket.


Final Rating: 4/5

Well, there ya go! My very first online thrift shopping sweater haul! I had a lot of fun doing this and I do recommend it. There is no better way to wear clothing when you know you are recycling from someone else and giving items a second chance. If you have any questions about the process of buying these please put it down in the comment below!

I think that the next time I do a haul like this I will buy outfitting items so that we are able to see an entire look instead on just tops.

I would love to know what you guys thought of this. If you would like to see more entries like this, give that like button a smash!

//Probably Rob

This is not promoted or sponsored. All opinions, thoughts, and suggestions are made by It’s Probably Rob.

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