Finn Loves Fido Fizzies

As a huge advocate for self care, I am also a big supporter for bath products. One bath product in particularly, bath bombs. I thought to myself, “I wonder if it is safe for animals, such as Finn, to use human bath bombs.” After doing some internet surfing, the answer is no, it is not safe.


Sad and upset that Finn will never be able to experience the joy of bath bombs, I was introduced to Fido Fizzies. Fido Fizzies is a family owned company that makes luxury bath bombs for dogs. Each bath bomb is hand made in the USA with ingredients that are safe and friendly to your four legged baby. Inspired by the CEOs own pups, there are several different styles of bath bomb that try to meet the needs of dogs. There are multiple options on purchasing the bomb that you would like. You can buy a variety pack or buy a pack of one single type of bath bomb.

Variety Pack
Birthday PupVanilla essential oil, almond oil and fun birthday sprinklesMake bath time fun with a little party. Delicious smells and fun sprinkles to top it off
Puppy PowerRosemary and lemongrass essential oil, dried rosemary and grape seed oilHelp your dog unleash his puppy power with invigorating rosemary and lemon grass scents
Puppy LoveRed and pink candy sprinkles, almond oil and rose essential oilA cute and fun accent at bath time for you and your pup. Show your dog some puppy love with the sweet small of roses during bath time. 
Achy PuppyGinger powder, Himalayan salt, Ginger essential oil, peppermint essential oil, grape seed oil, orange colorantHelp your pup soothe aches and pains with a nice soak in the tub. With a Fido fizzy designed to help provide comfort to what is ailing your precious pooch.
Zen PuppyAlmond oil, Lavender oil and roman chamomile oilHave your pup take a relaxing and calming bath to leave your puppy as zen as possible.
Go Fetch!Lemon peel, Lemon zest, Grape Seed oil, lemon and orange essential oilGive your pooch a natural energy boost with invigorating fruit infusions.
Dirty DogBorax, grape seed oil, eucalyptus and dried eucalyptusHelp your dirty dog regain a little cleanliness with deep cleaning properties and pet odor fighting eucalyptus.
Stop The ItchOatmeal pieces, Oatmeal powders, coconut oil and niaouli essential oilHelp stop the itch with the calming effects of oatmeal and essential oil to help soothe your pups skin.

Although the variety pack looked fun, I don’t think it was necessary. There was a handful of styled bombs that just do not match Finn’s needs. Where Finn is going through the stage of shedding and scratching, I thought that “Stop The Itch” was a very compatible match. I made an order and the package came unexpectedly fast.

Inside the package was a set of four bath bombs, all “Stop The Itch.” To my surprise, the packaging was so much more than I thought it would be. What I mean by this is, for a family owned small-business, the packaging looked very professional, the bath bombs laid on grass, and each bomb was individually wrapped.

In the midst of taking pictures, I ran the tap in preparation for the bomb explosion and Finnegan’s tubby time. When the bomb hit the water there was a delightful aroma that filled the entire bathroom, which is what you would expect with a bath bomb.

There was a large sense of uncertainty before we put Finn in the tub.

We plopped Finn in the tub and, to my disbelief, he was so at ease and relaxed. I think he was surprised as well.

And with full certainty, Finn too a little nap.

Since I was letting Finn try it out, I felt the need, as his dad, to try it out myself. You know, just to make sure. Push over Finney! It smelt so good and was truly relaxing.

I love that there is a product on the market for dogs that I love so much as a human and dog dad. Finnegan seemed to really enjoy it and didn’t try to climb out once. It makes me feel good that we found this product that is safe and healthy for dogs.

If you are interested in this product check it out here.

//Probably Rob

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