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SO. A lot of you dope readers have been sending me more and more inquiries through comments and emails. I just want to say thank you and I appreciate each and every one of you. I love communicating with all my readers and hearing their comments, suggestions, and thoughts.

One of the biggest questions I get it is, “what camera do you use to create content?” Well, funny you ask. Up until recently I used an ordinary iPhone X; Nothing special and nothing fancy. However, I felt that my answer of “I use an iPhone X” in reply to my readers was a let down and gave them no direction on what to use for their own personal uses and content creations.

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I would hate to let anyone down. Naturally, I did some research and made an investment on a beautiful Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR camera. Before I continue, I will be the first to say that this camera works great for me and I love the simplicity of using it. This camera is not for everyone, but can serve different purposes than my use for it.

Throughout my research, I figured that a Canon camera would be a good fit for me. I am no professional photographer and the settings on the camera make it so the pictures come out great automatically. With the great reviews on the EOS Rebel T7, I went to the virtual market in search for a great deal.

As seen above, the Canon official website sells the camera as is with everything you would expect; camera, lens, charger, battery, and strap. Now, I know that cameras can be expensive, but $400 for just a camera didn’t seem like enough for me. After digging deep down and looking for those great deals, I came across a listing on Amazon with a camera and bundle.


This is the same exact item, Canon EOS Rebel T7, and included an entire kit to use with the camera. Finally, I found something closer to what I was looking for with multiple price options. For only $64.99 more, I purchased the bundle. Included in the Amazon Canon EOS Rebel T7 bundle:

  • Canon EOS Rebel T7 Digital Camera
  • Canon EF-S 18-55mm Lens
  • Canon LP-E10 Battery
  • Canon LP-E10 Charger
  • Extra ZeeTech Charger
  • Extra ZeeTech Battery
  • Body Cap for Canon EOS Cameras
  • Canon Wide Neck Strap
  • 2.2x Auxiliary Telephoto Lens
  • 0.43x Auxiliary Wideangle Lens
  • 3 Pieces Filter Kit
  • 50″ Camera Tripod
  • 2 Pieces SanDisk 64 GB High Speed SDHC Class 10 Memory Cards
  • Deluxe Padded Camera Case
  • Ultra-Bright Slave Flash Light
  • 4 Pieces Macro Close Up Kit
  • Tulip Lens Hood
  • Wired Shutter Release Remote
  • Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Memory Card Reader
  • ZeeTech MicroFiber Cleaning Cloth
  • ZeeTech Starter Kit

… for $65 more.


With the decent return policy, I figured why not. The bundle included a brand new camera with all this extra stuff for nearly the same price that the Canon website presents the camera alone for. To my pleasant surprise, the bundle arrived to my mailbox in just two days. In the large box contained all of the items, brand new.

The only unsatisfying, but not a dealbreaker, laid in the starter kit. The starter kit contained a mini table tripod, lens cleaning fluid, cleaning cloth, 2 screen protectors, and 5 cotton swabs. The package of cotton swabs had some type of dirt in it. Like I said, this is not detrimental to my purchase especially for the fact that I have plenty of clean cotton swabs in my bathroom. I believe this was a mishap on X-Photo, the company who originally sells the starter kit, and not Amazon.


Overall, I am quite impressed with my purchase of the bundle. In rating, I would give the product, bundle, and buying experience a 9.99/10. I hope you all look forward to seeing the content I create with my new equipment. If you are in the market to purchase a new camera for content or pleasure, I do recommend this camera. My favorite part of this camera is that you don’t have to be a professional to operate it. To shop this bundle click here!

//Probably Rob

This is not promoted or sponsored. All opinions, thoughts, and suggestions are made by It’s Probably Rob.

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