Finnegan’s Favorites Friday (Dog Edition)

I was wondering if you wanted to play a quick game! The game is really simple. Here is how it goes: I am going to ask a question and if you agree you raise your hand. Sounds easy, right? Now, I am aware you are playing this game in your own time without me truly present and that is okay!

1: Raise your hand if you have an animal.
2: Raise your hand if you are a loving owner of a dog.
3: Raise your hand if your dog is the cutest, craziest, loving, or neediest dog out there.
4: Raise your hand if your cute, crazy, loving, or needy dog is also very extremely picky when it comes to their food, toys, and comfort items.
5: Give yourself a pat on the back for coming to terms with it.

Just like the most of you, I have an amazing, intelligent, and loving dog. Although he is a fantastic animal, he is also one of the most high maintenance and needy animals I have ever owned.

Some days I will come home with a brand new bags of gourmet treats that are just not of his fancy. I could buy him a Louboutin dog bed and he would still prefer the old, raggedy towel he came home from the breeders with. Throughout time I have discovered products that Finn is a big fan of and after reading reviews I see that many other dogs also prefer similar items. Of course all dogs and animals are different and have their own preferences, but if one dog daddy can help another then we will have a world of happier pups!

I am not sure if we are going to make “Finnegan’s Favorite Fridays” a monthly, quarterly, or yearly posting habit, however, I do plan on more coming out! So, if you like this post give it a like or a swift comment just so I know what direction I should be going in.

#1 Dog Bed

Prior to me having Finnegan, I never realized how important it is to give your animal a bed that they love. If you think about it, a dog’s bed is a mental break from their day, just like it is for us humans. A dog’s bed is the place where they can debrief, rest, and sleep at their most comfort. For Finn, I went through three dog beds before we found the right one.

The bed we settled on was by Precious Tails and a part of the De Tails collection. This bed is the perfect size for Finnegan, currently 35 pounds, and will be great for when he grows bigger. The material is made out of a corduroy exterior and a sherpa interior. The best part is that the bed is machine washable! Click here to view the item!

#2 Kong Safestix Fetch & Tug

Where Finn is an active and playful dog, we have to be careful with what toys we give him. It doesn’t take him more than twenty minutes to rip, destroy, and eat a plush squeaky toy. It is very hard to find toys that I can give Finn, that he enjoys, and will not destroy. That is when I came across Kong products.

The first Kong product that I bought Finnegan was a Kong Safestix Fetch & Tug. The great thing about them is that they are perfect for any size, breed, or age dog. They come in small, medium, and large with a handful of colors. The stick itself is made out of a thick rubber-plastic material, just like most of Kong’s products. Since Finn is teething still, the fetch and tug is perfect to keep him happy, busy, and safe.

#3 Buddy Biscuits

I am always super hesitant when it comes to buying new treats for Finn. My main concern is that I am putting unhealthy items into his body. One day I was at a friends house and they had Buddy Biscuits. Now, I am not a crazy dog parent where Finn can’t try one treat from a package I don’t know much about! Every pup is going to get a little dirt in their mouth… he can have a treat.

Finn seemed to really enjoy the snack. After leaving the friends house I did my research, and here is what I found. The treats are made to be healthy and delicious. There are limited ingredients in them including real peanut butter, chicken, beef, bacon, and cheese. The product is filled with only the things your dog needs for optimal health. This mean there is no corn, soy, or other artificial preservatives in them. The brand makes training treats, dog treats, cat treats, and grooming supplies. Finn absolutely loves them and I absolutely love that they are good for him.

This is just the beginning to my doggie suggestions. If there are some things that your picky dog likes, we would love to try them. Drop yours suggestions down below in the comments!

Be sure to check out for great deals for your fur baby!

//Probably Rob

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