I Think I’ll Go To Boston

I am going to be a little bias here. I love Boston. Now, my favor is going to be on Boston’s side due to my upbringing just outside of the beautiful city itself. It is to my understanding that Boston is one of the most underrated cities in America.

Of course, you are thinking “obviously Rob thinks it is the most underrated city in America because he is from there!” On the contrary, I have never spoke to someone who had traveled to Boston that never liked it. Some of these individuals were on a trip for leisure and some for business. No matter the circumstance, each and every person had a positive review on their trip.

So, before you plan a trip to a city like New York, Los Angles, or Chicago, consider the items listed below and make Boston one of your top destinations!

ALSO if you don’t understand the title of the post, it is from the song Boston by Augustana, listen to it here! I thought it was a nice touch.


Whenever a person tries to argue that their location is better than Boston, I ask them a very simple question; What does X have that Boston doesn’t? More times than not I will hear: “we live by the ocean” or “we have great mountains and hiking trails.” Well, funny that is your argument because so do we! Not only do we have a beautiful sense of city life, but Boston is actually built on a harbor. This area of Boston, in fact, has a name; It is called Seaport. In addition to the ocean shore Massachusetts lies upon, we also have plenty of woods and mountainous regions that allow us Bostonians to hike and climb. If you haven’t been or seen places in Boston, Massachusetts, I recommend Google searching different regions to see what there is to offer!

Along with the many things Boston has, there is even more opportunity that awaits past its boarders! Being a smaller sized state in New England allows the people of the Commonwealth to travel to nearby states. Where I am located, Peabody, I am a 40 minute drive to Rhode Island, 45 minute drive to New Hampshire, and a 1.5 hour drive to Connecticut… just to name a few. This criteria of how long it takes to get to another state does depend on where you are located within Massachusetts, but you get the idea.

Food & Drink

Got food? Well, Boston does! Being located on the coastline means that we have a shit ton of seafood. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of seafood… boo! A few types of food from the ocean that Boston is known for is our lobster rolls, clam chowder, oysters, and fish & chips. We are also very famous for our Boston Baked Beans. And to never forget where hot dogs at baseball games originated, Boston is home of the famous Fenway Frank from our very own Fenway Park.

Of course, you cannot eat these delicious meals without finishing them off without dessert. Luckily, we got you covered. If you go to a bakery in any area of Boston, you will find the most divine Boston cream pies and cannoli. If you ask any Bostonian on where you might want to get a genuine dessert or pastry in the city they will more than likely recommend one of two places; Mike’s Pastry or Modern Pastry. Just be prepared to wait in a decently long line.

Dunkin’ is actually a religion for us Bostonians. Not only do we drink Dunkin’ but we live, breathe, and sleep for it. Something you should know about ordering coffee at Dunkin’ in Massachusetts is that a “regular” is not a black coffee. When you order a coffee to be “regular” it actually means that you want your coffee with cream and sugar. In addition to coffee, we also have some great locally brewed New England ale’s and are home to Samuel Adams Beer.

Tourist Attractions & Site Seeing

When and if you travel to Boston there are some things that you MUST see. Instead of boring you with information on each of them, I will list them below with links for you to check them out yourself!


I’ll be the first to say that us Bostonians are not the most friendly group of people. We are a little rough around the edges, like our personal space, and don’t smile at one another very often. If you could imagine, due to the Boston Tea Party shenanigans, we are historically liberal. Bostonians are a tad cocky and think they are the best… more because we are!

Most people know a Bostonian when they hear one. We have a very distinct accent. The Boston accent is one of the most imitated and parodied accents in the nations. It involves dropping the “r” to make “car” sound like “cah.” We are known for the famous saying “park the car in the Harvard yard.” Translated into Bostonian: “pahk tha cah in tha hahvahd yahd.” In addition to the wild accent we do so love, there are a handful of words and sayings we have that most of America does not understand:

  • Dinner = Supper, pronounced “Suppah”
  • Living Room = Parlor, pronounced “Pahlah”
  • Basement = Cellar, pronounced “Cellah”
  • TV Remote = Clicker, pronounced “Clickah”
  • Liquor Store = Packie
  • Traffic Circle/Roundabout = Rotary
  • Turn Signal = Blinker, pronounced “Blinkah”
  • Chocolate Sprinkles = Jimmies, there is a difference between sprinkles (colored) and jimmies (chocolate)
  • Water Fountain = Bubbler, pronounced “Bubblah”
  • “No Way” = No Sir, Pronounced “No Suh”
  • State Trooper = Statie
  • “Make a U-Turn” = “Bang a U-ey”
  • Let’s Get Fucked Up = “Let’s Get Wicked Pissah”

My final note: being called a “Masshole” is not an insult. In fact, I may or may not have drunkenly got a tattoo somewhere on my body that says those eight lovely letters.

Known For

There are a handful of things that Boston is known for. For starters we are a very clean, big city that loves to recycle. We have rich history, beautiful neighborhoods, and public spaces for many to enjoy. Boston is home to Fenway Park, the oldest MLB stadium and home of the Boston Marathon.

Boston has several nicknames:

  • City of Champions
  • Spirit of America
  • The Bay State
  • The Cradle of Liberty
  • The Hub of the Universe
  • The Athens of America

On top of it all, Massachusetts has the top education system in America, the best hospitals and medical institutions, and a great economy!

An Entry From Mike Laskowski

As you can see, all the photos in this post are immaculate. That is thanks to Mr. Laskowski and his Instagram account @bostoncitynights. In this post about Boston, I thought it would be a fun idea to collaborate with someone who appreciates the great city as much as I do. I asked Mr. Laskowski what he loves most about Boston and what makes it so underrated. Here is what he said:

Boston is a unique place not just because of the location, food, or site seeing, but the people. There’s just something that makes Boston better than any other place, and the people are that reason. Whether you’re at a Sox game after work, or trying to raise money for your start up, the vibe is just so different than any other city. You can be anybody that you want to be, and do anything that you want to do. The entrepreneurial spirit of the city is what makes Boston one of the most profound places to start a business, especially in Tech.

With such great support from local companies, mentorship opportunities, events, and education, Boston is slowly and steadily becoming the ‘new’ Silicon Valley for small businesses and entrepreneurial-minded people. Not a lot of cities are so accepting of that, but Boston always has its arms wide open for new businesses and new opportunities.

When you’re not working on your business, you can take a break at any of the local bars to unwind. You can eat at any of the awesome ‘mom & pop’ places in the city for breakfast, eat on the water at the Seaport for lunch, and have an awesome Italian plate for dinner in the North End in the evening. You get a little bit of everything. And the best part is, everyone’s in the same boat. We work hard, go out, have fun, enjoy life, eat well, and do it all over again. It never gets old, and that’s one of the best things about Boston – the community of people who bind together to enjoy life for what it is.

In addition to being the account holder for Boston City Nights, Mike also has a company, Boston City Design. BCD is a company that makes authentic, modern wall decor for homes inspired by Boston and New England. Some of these designs are city street inspired and some will go perfectly in your lake house or summer home. The intricacy that goes into the designs are exquisite and the website linked is worth a look. Here are some designs by Boston City Design:

If I haven’t proven to you how underrated Boston is, you should really take my word for it. I have traveled to many countries and cities, and still Boston is so special. If you have been to Boston I would love to hear what you did and what you thought of it. I hope you enjoyed this post! Until the next journey…

//Probably Rob

Below is a list of all the individual accounts that sent in images to @bostoncitynights to be posted on the main account. Many of these individuals are photographers and have some great content. Instagram photography credits go to:

  • @13photo
  • @acemajorlions
  • @adwild
  • @akshaya.varadha
  • @berkie382
  • @brian_dec
  • @col.harrington
  • @dstove94
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  • @jeremy.wanders
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  • @smcc_photography
  • @theroniadventures
  • @timothy_blake_felix
  • @worldfrommylensphotos

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