Happy Easter Sunday

From our family at It’s Probably Rob to yours,
Happy Easter!

We hope your day is filled with
happiness, family, food, and chocolate eggs.

Now, let us tune into the morning after the Easter Bunny hopped by. He left Finn the cutest Easter basket and he even set up a fun Easter egg hunt.

Time to wake up Finn and tell him the news! Finnegan, the Easter Bunny came. Puppy was big annoyed because I made him wear bunny ears and a bow tie. The thing is, he secretly liked it.

Due to Finn’s excitement, it was time to crack open that Easter basket. What is in the golden egg? A brand new collar and leash. The grass green collar and leash is made by Shires Equestrian – Digby & Fox collection. It looks great on Finn and he finds it really comfortable! Click the links to find more information about the collar and leash.

In the basket laid some tasty Buddy Biscuit treats, Trekkers dog vitamins, a bouncy bunny toy, and a brand new Kong stick. Kong products seem to be a dad approved toy. Finn has not figured out how to destroy and eat them…yet. Puppy was not a fan of the bouncy bunny…

Last, but not least, Finn’s very first Easter egg hunt. I had to help out Finn a bit along the way. He finally started to understand the concept after he found the BIG golden egg. I may have tricked Finnegan and put only vitamin treats in the small golden eggs… shh!

Sorry not sorry for being that dog dad!

//Probably Rob

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