Travel Destination: Probably Munich, Germany

If have not read the first two parts to my European quarilogy, check them out: Destination: Probably Paris, France & Destination: Probably Bonn, Germany. I would HATE for you to miss out on part of the journey! On a beautiful Saturday morning, I took my very first ever high-speed train from Bonn to Munich.

The journey was about five hours. I prepared myself for a long day of travel and trekked on. To my surprise, the ride was quite relaxing and quick. There was a plethora of accommodations including a cafe, sitting areas, bathrooms, wifi, and tables at our seats.

About an hour into the ride I was woken up by a group of drunk bachelor party men. Annoyed, I pushed my way to the back of the train to where the cafe was. I settled on belgium waffles and an americano. I got back to my seat and soon after, I too was a member of this bachelor party. I would like to tell you about the rest of the ride, but, unfortunately it turned into a blur. Four hours later, I was welcomed to Munich.

Part IIB. Munich, Germany

From the train station, my phone GPS recollected that the hotel was a short five minute walk. Just like Bonn, the streets of Munich were either extremely confusing or under roadwork construction. It took us around twenty minutes to find the hotel.

At last, our arrival at King’s Hotel Center was due. Just like in Bonn, the hotel was prepared for our group to arrive and made up our rooms in advance. Germany, I love how ahead on schedule you are. With recent renovation, King’s was the nicest hotel we had seen. There was a medieval theme in the decor and furniture. Most of the room was wooden with gold accents. Unlike the rest of the room, the bathrooms were completely modernized.

First things first, I hadn’t done laundry the entire time being in Europe (almost two weeks). I found a local laundromat and was one of the most terrible experiences I had in Europe. It was impossible to figure out the machines or how to pay considering everything was in German. Later in the evening, I went to a local pub to watch the Munich versus Berlin soccer game which is also where I got my very first liter of German beer. #Monumental. Munich won and resulted in a big street party all over downtown.

The next day consisted of something I had been wanting to do for some time now; I toured the Dachau Concentration Camp. I know it is a weird goal to want to go and tour a place where thousands of humans died and was the beginning of multiple death camps, however, it is such an important part of history to never forget. It was a beautifully horrific privilege to understand the impact it had on the lives that lived through hell for over twelve years.

This experience was absolutely eye opening; I learned about the Holocaust and the mass genocide of the Jews in Europe for years in grade school, however, there are only so many Americans’ to say they got to see where it happened.

Of course, much of the camp had been burned down by the Germans upon arrival of the United States armed forces. The country of modern German did their best to recreate barracks and other halls that Jews lived among with the importance to never forget what happened during the 1940’s. The memorial was beautiful.

Please note, that some images below could be considered graphic to readers:

For dinner, we went to an Italian restaurant called L’Osteria and then walked around the shopping district of Munich. to my surprise there was a lot of different cultured foods in Munich whereas in Bonn the restaurants were mostly German-styled.

On Monday morning, I went on another excursion to a town called Roseheim. We were guided through downtown by a local university student. We were able to see the beautiful the architecture throughout the town and pop into some shops that sold primarily German luxury clothing.

On the final day, the group went to grab a bite to eat at yet another Italian restaurant. Weird flex Munich, chill with the pizza. Shortly after lunch, we hopped on a ferry that took us across the Chiemsee Lake in Bavaria, Germany.

The boat ride took us to Herrenchiemsee New Palace which was built by and home of King Ludwig II. The palace was only home to Ludwig for ten days before being killed. The king had an odd obsession with Louis XIV and was inspired to make his home look like the Palace of Versailles.

Germany, being the longest part of my trip, had exposed me to the most cultural experience. In my opinion, Germany made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Germans seemed to speak better english than the French which made communication easier. On the contrary, There was more of a confusion when greeting; In France a person would say “bon jour” and I would reply “hello” and they would immediately know I speak English. In Germany the primary greeting is “Hallo” and I would reply very similarly saying “hello” or “hi” which is common German language; This would lead into a full German conversation that would have to later be repeated in English for my comprehension.

Germany has a special place in my heart along with it’s culture, food, fashion, and people. But, all good things must come to an end. Next stop, Destination: Probably Prague, Czech Republic.

//Probably Rob

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