A Fashion Shopping Haul From Italy

If you read my post A European Twist In America, I intended that there are ways to incorporate a twist to your style that has a piece of your own heritage. Since my roots were based in Europe, I encouraged a European twist to my everyday clothing. I used all of my own clothing items that were America purchased.

In this post, I continue to explore fashion styles that are based off of my own heritage and cultural roots. On the other hand, I wanted to make this blog post with the attempt to bring in pieces of a collection from a company abroad.

Since I am Italian and Polish it was a given that I would explore companies in those two countries. I finally found a popular clothing company for men out of Italy that seemed to speak to my style. All the items that I purchased were made in Italy; This meant I knew the clothes would be a bit more expensive considered they were not cheaply made in some third world factory. Another note, is that this organization had just begun shipping worldwide. Therefore, I am just in time to make my haul purchase.

The online website I purchased from is called NoHow. This is a company that was created in 2013 by Mariano di Vaio. Not only is he the creator of the company, but he is also the “creative mastermind” that comes up with most of their marketing efforts and products. There are three key elements that sets this company aside from other men’s clothiers: handmadelimited edition, and made in Italy. Below I will attach their social media handles:

When shopping for my haul I knew I wanted to find items that would create an outfit and that I could wear together. I found a few options for tops, a couple options for bottoms, and some dress wear. I purchased outfits that would speak to different seasons so that I could explore each item category. Buying clothing online is never an easy task due to never knowing how they will fit your body, what they feel like, or how they will suit your everyday life. In the long run here is what I purchased:

Street Couture Beige Linen Shirt
This shirt was made out of 100% linen and great for summer wear. It had long sleeves and a Korean neck collar. When the shirt arrived it was the first item I tried on and it felt like a nice linen garment. The shirt came with a rip in it and it was too short for my body. I did like the shirt but I had to return it due to the damage.

Street Couture Linen Shirt

Ian Stripped Pants
These navy and white stripped pants were my favorite item that came in the bundle. They are so versatile and can really worn with anything. The pants have minor pleating at the waist line and tapper throughout the leg. The pants had a cotton made material and fit me really nicely for a European styled pant. The company has a philosophy:

“Trousers are the ideal match for a jacket and are also the most versatile item of a man’s wardrobe. Classic trousers stand out for their cut, at times for front pleats and for the details of the manufacture. The turn-up gives the item a more informal feel.”

Ian Stripped Pant in Navy and White

Saburo Cropped Pants
Character is all that matters. That is why this pant was designed as an urban-chic style. I expected them to be like the first pair of pants, however, this item was more like a casual-sweatpant feel and not what I was really looking for. They were made of a fabric that can be worn in any season which was the most attractive element about them. Where they were not exactly what I was looking for, I sent them back for return.

Saburo Cropped Pants in Beige and White

Beige and White Stripped Blazer
A blazer is key essential to any man’s closet. This specific blazer reminded me of northern summer parties in New England. It is versatile enough that you can layer it professionally or casually. The single breasted, peak lapel, double-button, flap pocketed blazer fit very well on my body and shoulders. Fitting shoulders is very important when wearing a blazer. I gladly kept this item and look forward to wearing it.

Cotton Stripped Blazer

Tim Sweatshirt in Mud

Brown is not always an extremely popular or easy color to wear other than when speaking of pants. However, this sweatshirt that I snagged is made of a corded material and looked amazingly comfy. Long sleeved and hooded, it is perfect for a lazy day or slapping on a white pair of slacks. This turned out being a close second favorite from the haul next to the Ian Stripped Pants.

Tim Sweatshirt in Mud

Kano Rollneck Sweater
Who doesn’t love a turtleneck sweater, or in Italy, a rollneck! This beige turtle is made out of acrylic and wool and is perfect for the cold weather. It has ribbed edges and an argyle stitch throughout the middle frame. A great knit is an essential piece of any successful wardrobe, and a good sweater or cardigan will keep you stylish no matter the occasion. From fall to winter, men’s sweaters are a must-have for any fashion oriented man.

Kano Rollneck Sweater

At the end of the haul, I kept four out of six items. Although two of them did not workout for me does not mean they won’t work out for someone else. I think I was a winner with this haul considering I kept more than half of the items. Buying from a country that my ancestors came from gives me a sort of appreciation and love for the culture and my heritage. Please comment where your ancestors are from and if you would be down for a worldly haul to get a little closer to your roots!

//Probably Rob

This is not promoted or sponsored. All opinions, thoughts, and suggestions are made by It’s Probably Rob.

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