The Possibility of Inexpensive Travel

As a millennials, it is very difficult to go on travel experiences with the limited budget that is available. The thing we do not realize is that travel and opportunities to explore are right in front of us and are extremely doable. In this post, I will tell a story of my inexpensive travel to a pin drop just up the road from where I live.

Story Time

When I woke up I knew I wanted to go on a journey. I did not know where I wanted to go, but I had the idea of doing something outdoors to see nature, get sunlight, and enjoy what the Earth had to offer. I started googling areas that are in proximity to my location to see what the city had to offer.

When I researched things to do locally, I found that there was a riverwalk in downtown Conway, SC. The riverwalk was about five miles away from my house. Who knew it would be so close. There was nothing left to do, but to pack a small bag with water, a sweater due to the cool autumn air, and an open mind.

Once I got to the riverwalk the first thing I noticed was a railroad track that leads over the water. I trailed down the tracks and noticed that they were pretty worn out and tattered. I figured that the tracks were no longer active so I trolled down them. Once I was approaching the tracks over the water they were mostly destroyed; Perhaps from previous area devastation of hurricanes and flooding.

I traced my way back from the railroad tracks to the entrance of the riverwalk. The beginning of the walk had a big arch that introduced the journey I was about to endure.

As you walk along the path, there is an arch opening to enjoy the view of the Waccamaw River. The river is rather dark and I would imagine there are several different forms of life that live beneath it. Perhaps fish, gators, frogs, and several birds floating amongst the waves.

The wooden Waccamaw Riverwalk connects the historic town of Conway to the meandering 140-mile Waccamaw River. The river starts inland of Myrtle Beach and drains into the Atlantic Ocean near Georgetown. 

Throughout this entire experience I was able to clear my mind, enjoy what nature had to offer, and see something new. In the meantime, I got to visit this site and not have to spend any money on the journey. The only thing that costed anything was my time and gas milage to get to the site of the riverwalk, which in my opinion was well spent.

Where will you go on your next adventure? It’s right there waiting for you

I do not own any rights to the images used in this blog post. They are borrowed from other sources. The reason I am using other images is because I wanted to unplug entirely while going on this journey. No phones and no cameras.

//Probably Rob

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