Fall Fun in the Sun

I went home to Massachusetts in evacuation for Hurricane Dorian. In greater Boston, the weather was absolutely beautiful, however, I did not know what to go do to celebrate the amazing day. Knowing that I would be out of work for sometime depending on the hurricane, I knew that I wanted to avoid spending too much money. I researched and found a website that led to a farm in a town fifteen miles away. It was called Colby Farm in Newbury, MA. Colby Farm is famous for their annual sunflower showings. I had never been before… on goes the sweater, slap on some boots, and off we go.

When I arrived to the farm it was very deceiving; There was the smallest farm stand with chickens in the coop. No sunflowers. It was cute and quaint but nothing unique or special.

Finally, I find the sign with an arrow point right with a large yellow sunflower on it. The only thing we had to pay for was a $10 parking fee, which was very doable and inexpensive for me. After we parked we headed to a path of dying sunflowers and I was afraid I missed the prime time to come see them. What I did not know just yet was that I would find a path that leads to acres of bright, yellow sunflowers.

Seeing all of the sunflowers for the first time was a bit overwhelming, but in a good way. To my surprise, the field did not have a scent. There was many bees minding their buzz-ness throughout the field.

Of course, I had to take the opportunity to showcase my outfit. I was so excited that I could dress for fall, even though I knew it would be short lived. I browsed through my closet at home to build a KJP inspired outfit.

Luckily, I already had my entire outfit other than the boots. The boots I bought from Nordstrom Rack which had an unbelievable discounted price that I could not refuse. All and all, this experience kicked off fall with fun, fashion, and money still in my pocket. There are opportunities to create memories, just like I did, right up the road from my home that are inexpensive and budget friendly. Where will you go next?

//Probably Rob

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