Fighting The War Against Gender Neutrality

Get Your War Face On

OK, I did a thing that most people will more than likely judge, but I still did it. I have teamed up with a company out of the United Kingdom called War Paint. This entity reached out to me to be an ambassador for their company back in February 2019. As a busy college student I put it off until I had some time in the summer to research and think over the opportunity. Typically, I do extensive research on a company before making a decision to brand myself with them. However, this company I found a liking to and here is why:

  • They have a differentiated market segment in the cosmetics and toiletries industry….MEN. It is so crucial that you are differentiated from your competitors in business, however I don’t think this company has any direct competitors. AND I MEAN NONE. I did some considerably deep research on this company and I could not find one competitor that has a product like they do. They are the only brand on the market that makes makeup products specifically for men WHICH IS A BIG BUSINESS MOVE.
  • Offered through the website platform are tutorials and “how to” apply videos. These are not only how to use the makeup, but what each makeup tool is used for and what its purpose is as makeup. This tool is important considering these products are made for men, but are historically only used in women marketed segments.
  • Each product is made with specific formulas to suite the average mans skin type. From an entry on the website: 

“There is actually a difference between men and women’s skin. Ranging from men having 25% thicker skin to testosterone producing more sebum increasing the oil produced.”

  • Products include Vitamin E that protects skins from UV rays of the sun, tea tree leaf oil for hydration, and BHA which reduce pore size and inflammation. 
  • All products are made naturally in the UK (advanced FDA regulations compared to many other countries)
  • Vegan and animal cruelty free products
  • Not to mention, they began a charity for men’s mental health. CAN WE SAY GOOD SOCIAL PURPOSE!

Based on the above analysis I did not have many reasons to say “no” in joining the team. I also like difficult challenges (AKA learning how to do makeup).

bring it on!

I ordered the “Full Set” on August 25th which included seven items. The set is still available and all the products are available to purchase separately. The set consists of:

Check out the kit here.

The items all arrived on September 8th, which was expected considering they came from the United Kingdom. The package actually arrived earlier than what was expected, so it was like a little present I got for myself.

Tinted Moisturizer:

  • Mixture of foundation, concealer, and moisture
  • Light coverage with natural look
  • Typically, used alone everyday
  • When used with other makeup products, apply first

The product is light and airy. I ordered the “tan” colored moisturizer. It semi-covers up blemishes and, for me, it tints my Vitiligo. It has a natural scent to it and is not sticky. I used my finders and the face sponge to apply this product.


  • Creates even look
  • Uniforms color to complexion
  • Covers flaws, blemishes, and scars
  • Thicker than tinted moisturizer and adds more coverage
  • Can be used by itself or after application of concealer, bronzer, or anti-shine

Unlike the tinted moisturizer, this product is much thicker and almost has a playdoh-like smell. It was a little more sticky than the previous product which resulted in me using the face sponge blender. For this round, I used the foundation by itself so that I could have an opinion on the use of the single product rather than the collection together. I got the “tan” shade of the foundation.


  • Cream based applicant
  • Hides dark under-eye circles, spots, large pores, and other small blemishes visible on the skin
  • Ideally used on its own or before foundation or after bronzer and anti-shine

If I had to describe the way the concealer smelt, I would call it eucalyptus-spearmint with a dash of ginger; A wonderful scent. I selected the “light” colored concealer because I can see myself using this product more as we get into colder seasons during the year. Again, I used this product by itself and the cream texture of the item made it thicker. I used only my fingers because it was much more complicated with the tools that were sent. My face felt fresh and not heavy once the product was applied. It covered up ALL my blemishes and Vitiligo, as well as canceled out the darkness under my eyes. Throughout the day it stayed on and maintained its look. 

It is to my assumption that the concealer is the main product or focus area of the collection considering it is called the “War Paint.”


  • Made with matte pressed powder
  • Preferably applied with a powder brush
  • Can be used alone or along all other products to present a suntanned look
  • Applied after all products

The bronzer did not come in options to select a color, it only comes in bronze. I do not think I will use this product as much as the other ones, which is only because I have a tan-olive toned coloring of skin. When I put on the bronzer it was noticeably apparent that I appeared tanner than before. I used the powder brush to apply the product onto my skin. It was recommended that I applied it in a “number 3 shaped motion” from my forehead to cheekbone and finally under my jawline. The product smells powdery and has a light feel to it.


  • Transparent powder that speaks to any skin type
  • Rids of unwanted oils, shine, and sweat
  • Can be used anytime or throughout the day when is needed

For this product, I did not apply until it was needed like the website recommended. I have normal to oily skin, so it took me a while to want to put this product on. Once I felt like it could be needed, I put it on. The product ridded of the oils on my face and made my skin appear matte. I would use this product often if I was at work, outside all day, or taking pictures in the sun. Since the anti-shine powder is one for all, it does not come in any colors or shades and calls for a simplistic, easy purchase.

Tips and Tricks:

I do want to mention a few cool features that WarPaint has to offer their consumers.

  • Free worldwide shipping
  • How to’s and tutorials
  • A “What is my shade?” finder
  • Personal stories about real users

All and all, this was one interesting experiment. There is a first time for everything! I will say that the application process was a lot easier for more products than not. Anytime I would be wearing the makeup I would forget that it was on and I felt comfortable to have it on my face. 

Take note: I am no makeup-guru or ever plan to be. If I applied any products wrong please let me know and I will be happy to learn the proper way to do it. I would love to hear what you think about the makeup excursion I went on, so please email me at or leave comments down below.

I know it is a strange concept for a company to be marketing to men for a historically woman made product, however, I think it is genius. Are you apart of the movement for gender neutrality?

//Probably Rob

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This is not promoted or sponsored. All opinions, thoughts, and suggestions are made by It’s Probably Rob.

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