20 Facts Probably About Rob

I came to the assumption that it is time for you to get to know me a little better. This post is going to be twenty facts about me that you may or may not know! I figured that twenty facts is appropriate considering I am twenty years old and I should know at least twenty facts about myself. While making this post I realized it is more difficult to figure out five facts about yourself not to mention twenty. Without further adieu:

1. I Am A BIG Coffee Guy

Throughout the years I have gotten more and more addicted to coffee. The biggest indication that you are addicted to coffee is when you actually cannot start your day without it and this headache takes over until you drink it. I prefer black coffee; I appreciate the true taste of the pure flavor of coffee beans. I do drink coffee several ways but most of the time you will find me drinking black.

2. I Go To Coastal Carolina University

I attend college at Coastal Carolina University. Currently, I am a senior with a double major in business management and marketing. Originally, I hesitated doing the double major because I thought it would push my graduation date back a semester. With the worry I took a few summer courses and got my credit amount up. I guess I lost track of how many additional courses I actually took and now I am going to graduate a semester early, which is a year early for being a double major! Another fun fact is I like going to school and being a student is something I enjoy. 

3. I Am In A Fraternity

When I was in high school I had a lot of different friends throughout the years and I was a big social butterfly. When I got to college I didn’t know how making friends was going to go; If I was going to make friends in classes, joining a club, or playing a sport. A lot of freshmen were going through Greek life recruitment so I gave it a shot. Taking myself out of my comfort zone and doing something I had never experienced is extremely unlike me, however, it was the best decision I have made. Phi Gamma Delta, I am indebted to you.

Just a little innuendo: Greek life is a lot more than partying and drinking. If you have ever thought about joining the Greek community please give it a go because there is an organization for everyone.

4. I Have A Burning Love For The United Kingdom And The United States

Based off of my last post, Destination: Probably London, you can tell I had an amazing time in London and surrounding cities. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have endured. On the other hand, I love the U.S. of A just as much. There is so much to see here that I have yet to engage with and so much opportunity. I also love to travel in general and I find fondness everywhere I go.

5. I Am A Perfectionist

Being a perfectionist is a curse and a blessing. I like to think that I am awesome at everything I do and I do it with a precise eye. If there is something that I am not sure I can do it well, I just won’t do it. I cannot deal with something not being perfected.

6. I Am Brutally Honest

Some individuals do not like me because of my brutal honesty, however, if you ask my friends they will tell you that my honesty is my best quality. They take my words and advice with a grain of salt, but they do know that it is the truth; I hate liars and I will never understand why people lie.

7. I Am A Retail Guru

I have worked in clothing retail since 2014. I started my retail work at Pacific Sunwear when I was 16, I then worked at Brooks Brothers, Vineyard Vines, and J. Crew. I typically only work for companies that I believe are high in quality and something I would want to purchase if I were the customer. I’ve had several different positions at my jobs including sales associate, brand ambassador, visual merchandiser, and store supervisor.

8. True Life: I Am Addicted To Shopping

Shopping for clothing is just something I cannot control. I have two closets (one at home in MA and one at school in SC) and they are both fully packed. I have started using my family member’s closets and started exploring new options such as rolling racks. It doesn’t matter if I am spending money on myself or others; I just get carried away and buy anything I see in sight that looks delightful. I consider myself a prep based on how I dress; I enjoy dressing for impression while feeling good about myself! Some of my favorite brands are Vineyard Vines, Brooks Brothers, Kiel James Patrick, Banana Republic, and J. Crew. I have so many clothes that I have started selling them on second hand wear apps like Poshmark. To shop my Poshmark closet, click here.

9. Color Over Black Any Day

Being raised in a Boston Italian family wearing dark, black clothing is the move. It is a classic look for going to functions and parties. On the contrary, I like to beat the status quo. Wearing colors make the mind open up and makes you stand out in a crowd.

10. Brown Leather Everything

I am typically against real animal products that involve cruelty to creatures of any kind, but, I do love the look of brown leather. Relating back to my preppiness, it ties my whole outfit and look together. Brown leather is a neutral that goes with anything and looks naturally simplistic. Aged leather is also such a satisfaction to the eyes.

11. Carmex Lip Balm Is My Best Friend

During cold winter seasons my lips get very chapped. I never leave the house without having a Carmex tube handy at all times. My Carmex is located next to my bedside, in my bathroom, inside my backpack, going to work, etc. Naturally, there are always five things I have when I leave my house: phone, keys, wallet, water, and Carmex.

12. I Have A Rare Skin Disease Called Vitiligo

I do have a blog post about this disease of mine coming out soon, but I did want to mention it briefly. If you know me and have seen me in person, especially in the summer, you may notice I have white splotchy patches all over my skin: That would be because of my Vitiligo! Vitiligo is an auto-immune disease that involves the loss of pigmentation in the skin and hair when melanin stops producing or dies. I am very prideful in my vitiligo and wouldn’t change it for anything.

13. I Am A Visually Oriented Individual

I like visually satisfying sights of the eye. When I walk into a retail store and see the display table I automatically know if the store is worth going into. When I enter a bakery and see cakes lined up in a row I am in awe. Seeing an outfit put together after laying everything out on the bed is quite nice. A cleaned up room with everything in its place. These are all things that are very appealing to me. Working as a visual merchandiser I naturally had the visual eye capability, which not everyone has. I also have an artistic side which tunes in to my perfectionist mode.

14. My Right Armpit Sweats A Lot

Sorry for TMI, but sorry not sorry! I don’t know if I have a medical condition, but something is not right about my right armpit. Currently, I just showered and I am laying in my bed, I am not over heated by any means and my right armpit is just doing it’s thing. I have not figured out a way to make it stop (I heard about getting botox in the armpit), but maybe one day! Let me know if you have suggestions. 

15. A House Vs. A Home

I was born and raised just North of Boston in a city called Peabody. I truly love Massachusetts and everything within it; it’s my home. Now, I live in South Carolina just North of Myrtle Beach in the town of Conway. I do like where I live currently, however, there is no place like home.

16. It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

Animals bring so much happiness to people and their families. They are truly members of the house hold and effect the whole environment. I am a huge dog guy. Meeting new dogs in public places is my version of making friends. Cats are ok, but they are a little sassy, independent, and don’t cuddle. Dogs on the other hand are alway excited to see their humans and love cuddling. No matter what you do to a dog, whether it be step on them, trip over them, or yell at them, they forget within a few seconds and unconditionally love you.

Towards the end of last year I had three dogs; I had two Toy-Poodles Emma & Lily and one Maltese we rescued a few years back Buddy. We rescued Buddy when he was a 11 years old and he is kicking it at fourteen. He has no teeth so his tongue sticks outs. Emma unfortunately passed away in late August 2018; Fortunately I went home that weekend from school and made an appearance at my cousins wedding. I am so grateful for the thirteen years I got to spend with her and that she waited for my whole family to be together for when she ran to the sky.

17. I Am Allergic To:

I might be a little biased over cats and dogs considering I am allergic to cats; They are actually my biggest allergy. Of course, I am allergic to indoor and outdoor allergens just like the rest of us, but during allergy season I get really sick. I also am allergic to soy, which is miserable because soy is in everything, but there are definitely ways around it. I also have food sensitivities towards raw apples and almonds. SO if you are looking for ways to kill me, there ya go.

18. Quality Over Quantity

I have no problem with paying more money for something of high quality rather than buying more in quantity of an inexpensive item. Having a product of good quality will last longer, look better, and fit life to a higher standard. Quality over quantity can work in many different ways: have a quality customer over many customers, buying a high end watch rather than a temporary watch from Walmart, or recruiting three quality members to a team than a large group of mediocre members.

19. My Favorite Food Is Avocado

There is so much you can do with avocado. Avocado is so nutritionally beneficial and tastes so wonderful. For my birthday my girlfriend bought me a pack of avocado planting materials and I have a small avocado tree in my house THAT I GREW MYSELF (with the help of my mother).

20. My Guilty Pleasure Is Taylor Swift

Ever since I was in middle school I have really loved Taylor Swift. I went to a Taylor Swift concert when I was younger with my friends and it was actually a really great performance. She has evolved so much in the past ten years that I think she might have a personality disorder, however, I have the utmost respect for her, her music, and her reputation.

I hope you learned a little something about me today and I hope I get to learn a little something about you! If any of these things listed are similar to your person drop it in the comments. Do you have any cool facts about you? I am all ears!

//Probably Rob

recreated from post on 2/5/19, itsprobablyrob.blogspot.com

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