The One Thing I Got Out of My Internship

During the previous fall semester I interned at the House of Blues in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I was hired as a marketing intern, but my work involved aspects of management, hospitality, and tourism. I will be honest and the first to tell you that my internship program was not the best and it had a corrupted system that did not make much sense. I feel like I didn’t learn anything I didn’t already know. However, I am still grateful for the experience and I did get at least one thing out of it!

There was two different areas of work involved within the internship. The first area of work was office practices. During office hours I would come into the office and do a plethora of different things. My daily tasks consisted of creating and designing news letters, writing media alerts and press releases, hopping on conference calls with third party marketing companies, and doing deliveries of free give away tickets and merchandise to surrounding businesses and resorts.

The other side of my internship, the more fun and exciting side, was doing social media for the events and concerts that were hosted by the House of Blues. Since the Myrtle Beach location of the House of Blues is not one of the most extravagant places for big artists to come. I did not know many of the singing groups that came through the doors. Most of the time the artists were mediocre and not as appealing to me, however, once and a while we found a diamond in the rough and watched a great performance.

One of the most pleasant and shocking performances was by a band called Young The Giant. I have come to find out that Young The Giant is one of the most underrated singing groups I have had the pleasure of listening to. 

I walked into the music hall ready to do my social media for the night when the band came out. I had heard previously by my manager and co-intern that the band was rather good and I may potentially like it.

Young The Giant is an American rock band out of Irvine, CA. The group consists of five men who were previously known as “The Jakes” until they got signed by a record label in 2009. Their music is made up of alternative and indie rock.

Long story short, Young The Giant can perform. Although I was at work, it was one of the best concerts I had been to and some of the most fun I had in a while.

If you think you might be interested in listening to this band I suggest listening to:

My Body

Cough Syrup



These may be songs you have potentially heard before and you do not even know you know them. Well, there you have it! The one thing that I got out of my internship: Young The Giant.

If you do listen to the songs I suggested or think I will be interested in a band or artist you think is completely underrated please let me know and drop your suggestions in the comments!

//Probably Rob

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