The First Last Time

I am down to my last 365 days as a college student. 

When I graduated high school I knew I was ready. I was ready to leave my hometown and go far away knowing I could come back to see that not much had changed. I am really happy that my accusations were right about that; I come home for holidays and breaks here and there; My family is still the same, my childhood friends are still present in my life, and my dogs miss me as much as I miss them. 

When I decided to go to South Carolina for university I knew all of the above mentioned would be there for when I came back. On the other hand, I never thought about the fact that I would one day have to leave Coastal Carolina and that I would not have the flexibility to come and go as I pleased. 

I have made a life in South Carolina with a new outlook on life; I don’t know maybe its maturity. It’s getting more and more real that the people I call my best friends will not be living in a bedroom down the hallway or three minutes up the road. After graduation it’s more than likely that I will not be seeing them for longer periods of time that are more than just a few months. 

This post is a special one to me because it is all about my last first times as a college senior.

It is my last first time to wake up on the first day of school and have coffee in the kitchen with my roommates, to carpool to our morning classes together, to enter the room of the first class of the semester, to have lunch breaks in between periods at the dining hall (who am I kidding I haven’t eaten there in over a year), to hangout on the couch with the roomies while we decide what we will be doing on the first night of syllabus week, to go home together to reflect on our night out, binge watch episodes of friends, and then not be able to attend the second day of classes. 

These are all things that we all do most nights in college. We don’t think about the time flying by because we have plenty of time left to do it all again. In reality, we don’t have much time left at all or much time to DO college to begin with. 

I am well aware that I do still have 365 days to make my senior year worth while and YES there is always next semester. There is just something about the last FIRST things you do as a senior or that you do in general. So come one, come all to senior year of 2019. 

This is more of a sappy post than I would like to admit. Coastal Carolina, I am indebted to you; I am not just talking money-wise. I thank you for introducing me to my soul mates, giving me a great education, and memories to last a period of time — until I get old and forgetful. 

//Probably Rob

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